Animal Crossing: Missing villagers glitch explained 

Villagers missing in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing world)
Villagers missing in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing world)
Nakul Ahuja

Nintendo recently added update 1.10 to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While the update tweaked several aspects of the game to make it more interesting, players aren't really happy with it.

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1.10.0a came soon after to include more elements to the Wedding Season event, which is being repeated from last year. However, this is where things get more interesting. While it wasn't a major update, it added a couple of new items to the game and also included two new festivals: Dragon Boat and Dano Festival. The two kicked off on June 5th.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

Interestingly, players have reported several glitches, which are rather baffling. The "Gullivarr" glitch has gained a lot of traction in the last few days as the seagull spawns at random locations on the island but not where he is supposed to.

Yet another glitch has been reported which suggests that characters are missing from the Animal Crossing island.

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Why are Animal Crossing characters missing?

Some of the characters in the game can be found loitering around the island everyday. On the other hand, some characters go missing but can be found inside buildings such as the museum.

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Since the game received its update, the characters have vanished and can't be found in the museum, and are potentially in another building on the island. This implies that on certain days. the characters just disappear.

This makes things rather dull as speaking to these villagers in different spots enables a set of unique dialogues. But more importantly, it defeats the purpose of the game as the island feels empty.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

It is important to note that these characters are not always found inside their house. If players spot them roaming around the island, they often reveal the reason behind their absence. Bob usually suggests that he is out for a snack run which is pretty hilarious.

Adding on, players can usually find villagers inside Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters shop, where they reveal what they want to buy if the players approach them. In the last few weeks, no villager has been spotted in these shops reiterating that something is definitely wrong.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

From the looks of it, the recent update was rather harsh on the villagers in the game who seem to have gone on an indefinite vacation.

An update might be around the corner considering E3 is just a few days away. Animal Crossing players will have to find out what's in store for them.

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