Animal Crossing: Reddit user recreates Animal Crossing sequence in Far Cry 5

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image via Nintendo
Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing has become a huge hit for Nintendo. Players all around the world are playing it. A huge draw for the game is the ability to create whatever players want. Some fans have recreated certain pieces of their favorite media. Players have recreated other games in Animal Crossing and others have recreated scenes from some iconic television shows.

Animal Crossing allows players to create whatever they want. Additionally, Far Cry 5 lets players do the same thing. This opens up Far Cry 5 players to the same abilities. Many players have utilized this ability in both that and Animal Crossing. From Far Cry 5 to Breaking Bad, here are some examples of fans using Animal Crossing to recreate their favorite media.

Animal Crossing recreations

Found in the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit, this user, mojoswoptops2020, recreated the infamous Resident Services from Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter from Ubisoft that is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but not Nintendo Switch, so this is a bit of a cross-platform crossover. The Residence Hall below looks strikingly similar to the one mojoswoptops2020 created in an entirely different game.

Animal Crossing Resident Services. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki
Animal Crossing Resident Services. Image via Animal Crossing Wiki

Here's how mojoswoptops did it. Players can do the same in Far Cry 5 for anything they want to recreate.


It's not the only time Animal Crossing has crossed over with other forms of media. Fans of Breaking Bad, widely considered the greatest show of all time, recreated Walt's infamous basement meth lab in Animal Crossing. Not exactly a kid-friendly recreation, but impressive nonetheless. This is one of the best aspects of Animal Crossing: the ability to create anything, regardless of where it came from.

Players have begun theorizing about a possible Animal Crossing x Breaking Bad crossover in the future.

Breaking Bad isn't the only popular television show to get an Animal Crossing recreation, though. The Office, the hit NBC sitcom, has made its way into the Nintendo game.

The player recreated the infamous "Prison Mike" scene, right down to the purple headwear.

Prison Mike. Image via Pinterest
Prison Mike. Image via Pinterest

They even took the time to recreate and record the entire scene, side-by-side with the original. That's some dedication.

The player, Tony or @_baoluu on Twitter, didn't stop there either. One of the most infamous scenes from The Office is the cold open on "Stress Relief" in which Dwight Schrute sets a fire in order to test the fire safety preparedness of the office. The office fails miserably, prompting them to inquire about some training.

It's obvious that Tony is a huge fan of both Animal Crossing and The Office. And with Animal Crossing's feature that lets players create whatever they want, he had a field day. That isn't even all of the scenes he successfully recreated in Animal Crossing.

Players across the world have the unique ability to recreate anything they desire in the world of Animal Crossing. That's part of why the game is so popular. What will players recreate next?

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