Animal Crossing: Secrets you didn't know about Nook's Cranny 

Nook's Cranny has its fair share of secrets in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing fandom)
Nook's Cranny has its fair share of secrets in Animal Crossing (Image via Animal Crossing fandom)
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Nook's Cranny is like a shrine for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' players. They will be selling and purchasing items here or just checking the place out to see what seasonal items are in store.

It's safe to assume that all players at some point in time have visited the store. Moreover, characters who can't be found in their houses or anywhere else on the island can be found here.

Upon approaching the characters, the reasons behind the visit are revealed. This also gives players a chance to get access to a unique conversation with these characters.

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Having said that, while Nook's Cranny presents a world of its own, there are secrets and details hidden from scores of players.

Secrets hidden in Animal Crossing

Timmy and Tommy do sleep in the game

The notorious twins do not allow players to stay in their store beyond the specified time. They don't hesitate in kicking players out of Nook's Cranny if they stay past their closing time.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

This implies that the twins do sleep in the game, unlike Tom Nook and Isabelle, who can be found all day. Interestingly, Timmy and Tommy have separate sleeping quarters that they can access from their store itself.

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In the updated version of the game, there is a staircase at the back of the store that leads to their sleeping quarters. Players can't access this right now. This might change as Nintendo rolls out more updates in the future.


While Nook's Cranny boasts a wide array of items, most of which are also customizable, several items don't really make sense.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

For instance, the normal slingshot costs 900 bells. The fancier version of the same slingshot is available in a different color and costs an astounding 2,500 bells. However, the durability of both slingshots is the same, which is rather shocking.

It's true that a different color makes a tool like a slingshot come alive, but it's only worth buying if players have beels in abundance.

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Adding on, Nook's Cranny's facade changes depending on the season. The purpose behind this change is for buildings on the island to emanate the vibe of the current season, reiterating that the devs have tried their best to replicate reality.

Outfits of Timmy and Tommy

Timmy and Tommy have taken responsibility for Nook's Cranny while Tom Nook is away pursuing his business endeavors.

(Image via Crossing channel)
(Image via Crossing channel)

The notorious twins have been an indispensable part of the franchise. In new Horizons, their characters look more interesting as they don clothing items inspired by different events or seasons.


Their Halloween costumes are perhaps the best out of the lot. They can be seen wearing cute little hats with aprons.

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