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Apex Legends: A leak Teases Solo and Duo Mode

Gautam Nath
400   //    12 Feb 2019, 18:19 IST

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EA's Titanfall universe Battle Royale Apex Legends has been a smash hit among Battle Royale lovers and the like. One of EA / Respawn's rare Free-to-Play games has seen over 25 million players enjoying the game in just the first week!

Oddly enough though, the game queues you into a squad of 3 and does not have a duo or solo mode yet. This is one of the most basic features that you can find in other popular Battle Royales such as Fortnite, PUBG and Blackout.

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A tweet by Shiina BR, who data mines game logs, once patches hit or before any official release, found logs in the data mine such as "2-man Squads" and "#SOLO_MODE,". There was no official announcement by EA or Respawn to release this feature.

Apex Legends did officially announce a "Year 1 Roadmap", where they will be releasing Battle Passes (it's a lot like Fortnite's, but we don't know about the questing system), new playable characters, new weapons and different kinds of loot.

Apex Legends 1 year road map
Apex Legends
1 year
road map

Usually, a solo and duo mode would be a welcome feature. But there are quite a few players, such as the ones on the Apex Legends subreddit who claim that this might "kill the game" and take away what is special about Apex Legends. Though that could be a little farfetched, a mode where you can carry yourself to victory does sound incredibly fun (and those game modes are still really fun in other Battle Royale Games too).

For now, there is no official confirmation from the Apex Legends developers. Let us hope that the data mined information holds true so that players can get access to these modes. In this market of oversaturated Battle Royale games, Apex Legends has proven to be a real competitor to the big boys (and let's hope they can consistently release good content!)


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