Apex Legends community anticipates cross-progression feature

Apex Legends community anticipates cross-progression feature (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends community anticipates cross-progression feature (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends is an extremely popular battle royale game that is available across multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The game is currently being developed for the mobile platform as well.

Last year, Respawn Entertainment introduced a cross-platform feature that would allow Apex Legends players to play in lobbies that have players from different platforms. After a year of cross-play and with the game being in the testing stage for the mobile platform, fans are asking for a cross-progression feature.

Developers respond to Apex Legends community asking for cross-progression

Apex Legends cross-progression would mean that players can link their existing account to another platform apart from the ones they’re already playing on. If a player has an account on a PS4, cross-progression will allow players to use the same account and play on Nintendo Switch while retaining their cosmetics and progress.

This is done as players want to use their unlocked content across multiple platforms without having to create a new account. Unlocked content can include skins, weapon skins, weapon charms, character quips and legends as well.

Apex Legends players got a glimpse of this as those who originally played this game on Origin had the ability to link their account to Steam. However, this feature is not available for consoles. The game director of Respawn Entertainment, Chad Grenier, said that this cross-progression was easier to be implemented with Steam “because it was at launch” while console players might have multiple accounts and therefore it is harder to implement cross-progression.

Respawn Entertainment has addressed cross-progression time and again, which is why the Apex Legends community is anticipating the addition of this feature soon enough. Chad Grenier said:

“I wouldn’t ever say [cross-progression] is not possible, but it’s certainly more challenging to add cross-progression to a game that’s been out for 2 years. A lot of people have accounts on various platforms and trying to figure out the best way to pick or merge the account data is a challenge with many pros and cons. We’re certainly looking into cross-progression and it’s something that I think would be great for the game, but it’s still a ways off most likely.”
@AE90000547 In development, although recent hacks on Apex and TF have slowed down the progress of it as we context switch to solving live game issues.

While the devs wanted to work on implementing cross-progression, they shifted their focus to making the game hacker-free as they slowed down the process. Hackers were affecting streamers playing ranked games which needed resolving before this feature could be implemented.

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