Apex Legends data miners reveal Wattson Heirloom

Wattson Heirloom leak (Image via Twitter/@GarettLeaks)
Wattson Heirloom leak (Image via Twitter/@GarettLeaks)

Heirloom in Apex Legends are the rarest type of cosmetics that are unique to each legend in the game. Each legend’s Heirloom is a connection to their respective lore.

The Apex Legends community is always eager to find out what the next Heirloom is, and some data miners have leaked some information that is exciting for the player base.

Apex Legends Wattson Heirloom leaks

A lot of Wattson players were anxiously waiting for their main legend’s Heirloom set, and they are finally getting some good news.

Wattson was introduced back in Apex Legends Season 2. It’s no surprise that her Heirloom is one of the most highly requested among the others on the roster. A data miner by the name Garett dug up some files and revealed what seemed to be a 3D model of Wattson’s Heirloom. This model was seen in one of Respawn’s internal files named nessie_gadget, which is a direct connection to Wattson’s lore.

Leaks reveal not only the Heirloom, but also the Heirloom animations that come with it. Data miner Shrugtal mentioned that she scratches and strokes the Heirloom in one of the animations as seen in the file.

It is believed that Wattson could be the reason for the past Seasons’ Nessie plush Easter egg that was present throughout Kings Canyon and in almost all the Apex Legends Season trailers.

The Heirloom seen in the files lacks texture, and therefore, we cannot see the AI on the Heirloom. It is said that the Heirloom would have the Nessie AI to which Wattson is reacting by scratching and fiddling with it.

WIP Wattson Heirloom with full anims in files. It's internally called "nessie_gadget", and she sort of strokes and scratches it in some anims.So it's probably both a taser and a Nessie tamagotchi that has a Nessie AI on the screen that reacts to her actions.

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event that came out recently included plenty of limited time cosmetics for Fuse, Octane, Wraith, Pathfinder, Bangalore, Rampart and Lifeline. Apart from that, Rampart also received her new Heirloom, Problem Solver, which was a black and red wrench with a bubble gum dispenser.

It is unlikely that we will be seeing the Heirloom anytime soon, but the good news for the Wattson mains is that their legend’s Heirloom is coming soon. Ideally, players would want to see the Heirloom when Respawn launches a new event. Unfortunately, Respawn is yet to make an official statement on the topic at hand.

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