Apex Legends devs respond to criticism of game’s monetization system

Apex Legends devs respond to criticism of game’s monetization system (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends devs respond to criticism of game’s monetization system (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
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Apex Legends is EA’s free battle royale game that has a huge player base. Since the game is free, the publishers generate revenue through microtransactions. This plays an integral part in generating revenue and allowing players to attain certain items by purchasing them.

In Apex Legends, microtransaction is an option given to players to buy cosmetics for their favorite legends or weapons. But the Apex Legends community is criticizing EA for its monetization structure, and the devs from Respawn Entertainment have responded.

Apex Legends community receives response from devs on criticism of game’s monetization system

Since its inception, Apex Legends has come a long way and boasts a huge player base with an engaging community. The Apex Legends community is usually optimistic about the game, but the community is criticizing Apex Legends' monetization system.

For those engaging in discussions on forums like Reddit, Ryan Rigney is well known to have been interacting with fans and players regarding the issues that pop up in Apex Legends. He is the face of the developers at Respawn Entertainment.

Ryan Rigney was interacting with the members of Apex Legends, talking about the various problems that were showing up in the game along with the monetization system of the game. A lot of players questioned the monetization system and believed that EA was only trying to make more money.

While his answer might not have pleased everybody, it is great to see game developers actively engage with the Apex Legends community. Rigney was asked about the game economy while comparing it to titles such as Destiny 2. He said:

“I’ll say that different genres have different expectations and monetization teams on every game are trying to strike a balance between making the business a healthy profit and not making items unattainable for non-spenders or low-spenders.”

While this answer might not be the one players were waiting to hear, it is hard to argue against this logic. Apex Legends is designed to allow players to obtain high rarity items by spending money or playing the game long enough to obtain them.

While Ryan Rigney might not be in a position to make all the decisions, he is definitely putting in the effort to keep the community and player base in the loop.

Comms Strategy Thread 🧵How do you talk to customers when you've got problems? When the product doesn't work, something's screwed up, etc.There are only two things people want in these situations: They want to know what you're doing to fix it, and they want it fixed ASAP.

He also documented the steps that devs must take in order to be on good terms with the player base while engaging in discussions.

Apex Legends has a dedicated team of people who will commit to fixing all the issues pointed out by the community.

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