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Apex Legends: Loba's abilities, best loadout's and more 

Image Credit: Reddit u/ArtouZ
Image Credit: Reddit u/ArtouZ
Hrithik Raj
Modified 23 Sep 2020, 01:58 IST

Apex Legends is a free to play first-person shooter battle royale videogame developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game has won many major and minor awards since launch. During the Game Awards 2019, Apex Legends won the award for the best multiplayer game(2019). It was a pretty big deal at the time, as there were massive titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare(2019), Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and many others involved in the running.

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Apex Legends season 5 fortune's favour add a new legend - 'Loba', into the existing roster. Unlike other characters introduced in previous seasons, Loba had some pretty good skills from the get-go. Loba's passive ability 'Eye for Quality', which remains active all time, allows players to see epic or higher tiered loot through walls, inside loot bins and other across surfaces.

Apex Legends: Loba's abilities breakdown, Tips

Loba's tactical ability 'Burglar’s Best Friend', uses a bracelet which can be thrown with the help of a projectile path. The bracelet allows loba to teleport to the spot where it lands, hence allowing her to easily acquire high ground or any other advantageous position.

Since pathfinder's grapple ability was nerfed, many players have begun to use loba as a plausible scout option. Loba's ultimate ability is called 'Black Market Boutique'.


Once used, it gives her, and her teammates, access to all surrounding loot in the form of a catalogue. Each player can withdraw two items using the boutique, but the down-side is that, if left lying around, it can be used by enemy legends as well.

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Tips: Loba's ultimate ability can be used to get a single item out of a loot vault on the World's Edge map. Her tactical ability can be used to get inside buildings through windows(may get patched) and some tight places. (inaccessible locations)

Apex Legends Loba's abilities and other information

One of the best thing about Apex Legends is that even though it is a battle royale game, it provides the detailed lore behind every new character, weapon, and map. Everything in the world of Apex Legends is related to the developers' previous game, The Titanfall series.

  • Real Name: Loba Andrade
  • Age: 34
  • Home World: None
  • Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend
  • Passive Ability: Eye for Quality
  • Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

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Published 23 Sep 2020, 01:58 IST
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