Apex Legends Mad Maggie guide: How to master the upcoming Legend in Season 12

Mad Maggie is a shotgun specialist in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Mad Maggie is a shotgun specialist in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
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The latest season of Apex Legends is almost on the verge of release and players are wondering how to master the upcoming Legend. Mad Maggie will be an aggressive character who is also supposed to be a shotgun specialist.

While the introduction of some previous Legends did require players to get used to their abilities and use them tactically. With Mad Maggie, players can go all-out and rush aggressively on their enemies.


Mad Maggie in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, and strategies

Mad Maggie might come in handy during intense situations . Like other Legends, she will have a tactical ability, a passive ability and an ultimate.

Mad Maggie is Fuse's childhood friend and as a result, her aggressiveness is understandable. Here are the details of her abilities:

  • Her tactical ability is 'Riot Drill', where she fires a drill that can burn enemies through objects.
  • Her passive ability, 'Warlord's Ire', temporarily highlights the enemies damaged by her. She also moves faster when equipped with shotguns.
  • Her ultimate, 'Wrecking Ball', throws a ball with speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies.

How to use the abilities of Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Riot Drill


The tactical ability of the new Legend is basically a projectile throwable that gets activated upon touching the ground after covering a certain distance. It has an impressive range and helps to bring enemies out of cover. The per second damage inflicted is 16 and it also has the ability to penetrate Gibraltar's shield dome.

This power, if not used properly, can self-harm as well by a significant amount. It is suggested to throw the device from a distance and engage in medium range combat in Apex Legends.

Meet Mad Maggie, the badass warlord condemned to join the Apex Games—and bringing the punishment. 😎

Warlord’s Ire


The passive ability of Mad Maggie also helps to reveal the location of the enemies. Players in charge of the Legend get a speed boost while using this ability and each tick of damage reveals the position of opponent players. This ability is most effective when a shotgun is equipped.

The speed boost can be compared to that of Octane's speed boost. It is recommended for players to use this ability when they want to engage in close quarter combat.

Wrecking Ball


Mad Maggie’s ultimate has the potential to provide both utility and damage. After being deployed, it continues to gain momentum and speed and prevents players from camping in a particular location. Her ultimate when combined with her passive ability can prove to be deadly for opposing players in Apex Legends.

Wrecking Ball is mostly applicable in enclosed spaces since it can rebound off of walls and cover before exploding. It manages to inflict a total of 20 damage upon detonation and the after effect is similar to the concussion effect after Bangalore’s ultimate.

Strategies for playing Mad Maggie in Apex Legends


Mad Maggie can be a very good counter for smoke Legends like Caustic and Bangalore. She has the ability to highlight enemies through her smoke, a mechanism similar to the Digital Threat. As a result, enemies who will try to hide or escape from an ongoing fight will find it really difficult to succeed as Mad Maggie would be able to track them down.

Mad Maggie would be able to combine well with Legends like Revenant, Fuse, and Wattson. Aggressive players will have the upper hand in these cases since the Legend suits that kind of a playstyle.

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