Apex Legends Mobile: 5 best landing spots in World's Edge in April 2022

Best locations on World's Edge map in Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best locations on World's Edge map in Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Sportskeeda)

Apex Legends Mobile is now available in ten countries: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, and Columbia. It is yet to be released globally, and the launch can be expected towards the end of 2022.

Currently, there is only one Apex Legends Mobile map that battle royale gamers can enjoy: World’s Edge. The map is great for close to mid-range combat and offers high-tier loot that gamers can stack.

World’s Edge map is one of the most popular maps in Apex Legends and is the only map that has a diverse terrain ranging from lava to ice. The mobile version is similar to the original one and tries its best to offer the same gaming experience to battle royale players.

Top 5 landing spots on World’s Edge map in Apex Legends Mobile

1) Capitol City


Capitol City is located right at the center of the World’s Edge map. It is covered in ice and provides mid-tier loot that can easily suffice for a team. The location is perfect for close-range gunfights and has adequate buildings where gamers can take cover.

One of the disadvantages of Capitol City is that it is not very suitable for beginners to land as it is a popular pick for most players. Inexperienced players might stand the risk of being taken down right at the beginning of the match.

2) Skyhook


Skyhook is densely surrounded by buildings and is another top pick when it comes to seasoned Apex Legends Mobile players. It is situated towards the northeast side of the map.

The Space Elevator Tower is one of the most popular places in the area, and there are numerous skyscrapers that can be scoured by players to get high-tier loot. Players can engage in mid-range fights, and there are enough camping spots for beginners to maintain a low profile.

3) Sorting Factory


Sorting Factory is located on the southern side of the map and is not a very famous place. Hence, it is one of the best locations where Apex Legends Mobile beginners can land and gather high-tier loot.

The location also provides ample areas to lay low, giving players the opportunity to take their enemies by surprise. Since it is not very close to any of the popular locations, the place is often considered a safe haven for many who are not into aggressive fights.

4) The Epicenter


Similar to Capitol City, this place on World’s Edge map in Apex Legends Mobile is also covered in ice. This place is not meant for beginners to land as they might have to face two or three teams right at the start of the match.

Since it is one of the most famous locations for high-tier loot, it is highly desirable by many gamers. There are about 24 supply bins around the area, which makes it a great location for squads to get ample loot.

5) Thermal Station


This area is located on the southwest side of the map. Contrary to Capitol City and The Epicenter, this place is surrounded by lava on all sides. This location can be preferred by passive players as it is not a popular spot but it does provide good loot.

Needless to say, players must be extra careful as landing on lava will rapidly decrease their health. Players are advised to gather enough loot and leave the area as quickly as possible, as it is quite difficult to get out of the place if the situation goes downhill. To escape the area, gamers will have to rely on the ropeway system.

Disclaimer: This list is not ranked in any particular order and solely reflects the writer’s opinion.

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