Apex Legends players face issues due to death boxes

Apex Legends players face issues due to death boxes (Image via Reddit/apexlegends)
Apex Legends players face issues due to death boxes (Image via Reddit/apexlegends)

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games. However, even the best games will have a few bugs and game design flaws that can impact the player’s experience.

Recently, an Apex Legends player took to Reddit to show how death boxes are a major inconvenience. When a player dies in the game, they leave their loot behind in a death box. Sometimes death boxes end up getting stacked on top of each other, acting as obstacles to player movement.

Apex Legends community discussion on death box issues and suggested fixes

Sometimes, objects within the game can be a hindrance to winning matches, as highlighted in a clip posted by Reddit user Individual_Sink2383.

Death boxes can be a hindrance to players while trying to move as they clutter the battlefield. In this case, the Reddit user was stuck between rocks and two death boxes that were stacked on top of each other. The player is clearly struggling to get out of that spot.

The player went on to use Wraith’s tactical and ultimate ability, but these efforts proved to be unfruitful. Since this was a casual match, the consequences were not that severe. In a different setting, however, like that of an Apex Legends Global Series match, it would simply be unacceptable.

It can be frustrating for players when they die in Apex Legends for no fault of their own. Many players have proposed solutions for this issue.

The Apex Legends community suggested that the developer make the death box punchable. These death boxes would require no additional physics besides moving away a bit upon being punched. Another set of Reddit users suggested the death boxes shouldn’t have any solid properties, so players can walk right through them.

The problem with this idea, as indicated by the post above, is players could also get shot through the death box when trying to take cover behind it. While the community is actively participating in discussions in order to improve the game, the team at Respawn Entertainment would have to troubleshoot these suggestions in order to find a viable solution.

The community now awaits a response from Respawn Entertainment.

Edited by Sabine Algur

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