Apex Legends Halloween event 2021 leaks: Everything we know so far

Apex Legends Halloween event 2021: Monsters Within (image via YouTube/Shrugtal)
Apex Legends Halloween event 2021: Monsters Within (image via YouTube/Shrugtal)
Rohan Jagannath

Apex Legends is best known for keeping its game fresh by adding new characters, weapon skins, and other cosmetics. The game features collection events that showcase limited-time cosmetics that are unique to each character.

The Apex Legends community is excited for the Halloween event that will take place in October. It will feature festive-themed weapon and character skins, banner frames, weapon charms, and Apex packs.

According to the popular Apex Legends data miner Garret, the event will be called “Monsters Within” and begin on October 12.

Leak suggests various items up for grabs in Apex Legends’ Halloween event 2021, Monsters Within

The Apex Legends community is excited for the Halloween event for the various limited-time cosmetics featured.

It will showcase four Legendary and Epic character skins, four Legendary weapon skins, four Epic banner frames, and a couple of weapon charms connected to the weapon skins.


The event will showcase Legendary skins for Bloodhound, Revenant, Caustic, and Seer. Bloodhound’s skin is called Hunter Within, a clean skin with red, black, and yellow accents.

Revenant’s skin, Necro Nightmare, was initially seen in a holo spray but has undergone a color change.

Caustic’s skin, Synthesis Chamber, features a small alien in the solar plexus region of the body that seems to be controlling the legend and wobbles around when the character is in motion.

Out For Blood, Seer’s skin is vampire-themed, and the legend adorns a red outfit with black accents.

Each of these skins also has a corresponding banner pose and banner frame. The banner poses for these characters are animated and relate well to the legends.

The Epic character skins are for Gibraltar, Wraith, Loba, and Horizon. Gibraltar’s skin, Toxic Touch, has green accents that resemble toxic green liquid.

Wraith’s Cold Sweat has lightning animation on the upper body of the skin. Loba’s Victorian Vixen is a zombie-themed skin in a Victorian-esque outfit, while Horizon’s Cosmic Hitchhiker references the infected vines in Olympus.

Epic Wraith Monsters skin

Apex Legends players will be able to access these skins via exclusive Apex packs that they can purchase with Apex coins.

That being said, the Apex Legends community awaits official statements from Respawn Entertainment regarding all this leaked information.

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