Apex Legends Season 10 bug cuts out audio during games

Apex Legends Season 10 has seen another bug (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Season 10 has seen another bug (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Rohan Jagannath

Apex Legends, the battle royale game, caters to both casual and competitive players. Those who like a good challenge play Ranked games, where the lobbies are filled with equally skilled players.

In such games, gamers need to use every bit of information, both visual and auditory, to win gunfights.

However, a recent bug in Apex Legends has cut out the audio completely during games, proving extremely difficult to deal with during gunfights.

Respawn Entertainment is working towards fixing all bugs that users have pointed out. These glitches range from server issues to recurring audio bugs, so fans hope the one above is resolved soon as well.

Players unable to communicate due to recent Apex Legends Season 10 bug

A recent Reddit post highlighted a technical bug that cuts out all audio for a while. The user was seen struggling to locate the enemy during a gunfight.

This kind of bug can severely impact the player’s ability to win games and improve the Rank tiers they spend thousands of hours on.

In the clip, Reddit user u/Florence managed to engage in a gunfight without any audio. Luckily, Mirage’s tactical ability came in clutch, allowing them to armor swap before taking on the enemy.

The player decided to upload this clip on Reddit and highlight the bug he faced while playing a Ranked game in Apex Legends. The comments section displayed their annoyance as other players have faced the same issue due to the bug in question.

Another Reddit user said:

“I’ve had it happen multiple times, multiple ways. At times, it’s menu/drop music at the wrong times, typically at the end of matches, with all of the other shit happening. Sometimes it’s zero audio. No chat, no nothing. Other times, it’s game chat and nothing else. It’s been brutal lately.”

In Apex Legends, it is essential to have bug-free audio to process every bit of information while taking gunfights. Good audio is required to understand a team’s location while rotating or hearing the enemy’s footsteps during gunfights.

Without good audio, an enemy can catch gamers off guard. The consequences are far more severe for those playing Ranked games.

Luckily, the devs at Respawn are aware of the bugs and working towards fixing them as soon as possible.

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