Apex Legends: Pro players push Respawn Entertainment for Ranked overhaul

Apex Legends: Pro players push Respawn Entertainment for Ranked overhaul (Images via Twitter/ @ImperialHal, @Snip3down, and Liquipedia)
Apex Legends: Pro players push Respawn Entertainment for Ranked overhaul (Images via Twitter/ @ImperialHal, @Snip3down, and Liquipedia)
Rohan Jagannath

Apex Legends’ player base has been buzzing with excitement since Respawn Entertainment announced the launch date for Season 11. The new season will include a ton of new content, including a few changes to the Ranked system.

But Apex Legends streamers and pro players have been pushing Respawn Entertainment for a complete Ranked overhaul. Players like Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, Tanner “Rogue” Trebb, and Eric “Snip3down” Wrona have voiced their concern on social media about the issues they’re facing in Ranked game mode.

Apex Legends pros are pushing for an overhaul rather than minor fixes

Pro players and streamers are desperate for a complete rework of the game’s competitive mode. They have suggested specific fixes that would benefit players battling in Ranked mode.

One of the main features requested by a vast number of streamers and players was a demotion. The game currently offers demotion protection points that affect the players’ performance while solo queueing into Ranked games. This has led to teammates not following comms and willingly jeopardizing the team’s chances of winning. This idea was also echoed by ImperialHal a few months ago.

-Demotion-in game leaderboard-cosmetics for certain Pred ranking like 1st etc So many things can be added to make ranked better but its been stuck at the same place for a long time..... its time for a change
Apex is very hard to play right now ngl, ranked KC is extremely unenjoyable

Apex Legends developers have confirmed a change in the KP (Kill Points) system for Ranked games from Season 11 onwards. While this might be the case, a demotion feature in a competitive game mode might also be in the works.

Another major issue faced by Apex Legends players is the size of King's Canyon. The map is relatively small, allowing players to 'third-party' with ease. No matter how good a player is, 'third-party' is very hard to counter. In addition to that, the loot is not distributed evenly. This means multiple teams land in the same spot. Teams can die as soon as they land, leading to a massive RP loss.

King's Canyon is SO BAD for RankedThe map is too small, POI's are too close to each other, and the loot is way too inconsistent across the older POI'sIt's almost impossible to get a fair 3v3 fight without getting insta 3rd partied. The actual strat for gaining RP is to hide..

Apex Legends streamers are also pushing for the removal of Kraber. This weapon has one-shot-one-kill potential, which hampers the level playing field in Ranked games. Streamers and pro players have requested that this gun be removed from Ranked and competitive tournaments.

While Respawn Entertainment has promised a KP system overhaul, players will be expecting a lot more in Escape. The Apex Legends community awaits further updates from developers at Respawn Entertainment.

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