Apex Legends Season 12 unexpectedly nerfed Loba, fans not too happy about it

Loba has been unexpectedly nerfed in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Loba has been unexpectedly nerfed in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

The latest season of Apex Legends got underway with plenty of changes on February 8, 2022. Fans were both satisfied and surprised with the changes that arrived with Season 12.

According to the Season 12 patch notes, only Caustic and Crypto were supposed to be nerfed and buffed respectively. However, other legends like Loba have also received a nerf. Although it was unintentional, fans are disappointed that a defensive feature of her ultimate ability has been removed completely.


Loba has been unintentionally nerfed in Apex Legends Season 12

Aside from all the intended updates that were planned to arrive with Season 12, some unintended changes have also made their way into the game. Since Wattson's buff, Loba has also been nerfed by the developers. Fans are now wondering whether the change is going to be permanent or if it will be brought back later on.

Loba's main purpose is to collect loot from a distance through her ultimate. Players, however, also use the Black Market Boutique to block incoming fires and prevent opponents from passing through doors and tight spaces. With the arrival of Defiance, this feature seems to have been removed altogether. Doors can easily open and allow passage despite placing her ultimate near the entrance of doors.

Some Apex Legends content creators such as Karlitaax were also surprised by the implementation of this uninformed change.


A similar change has been applied to Revenant's Totem as well. Players can't block doors anymore using his ultimate. They are now confused about whether the game's code or design has changed or if it's another unintended alteration.

@Karlitaax__ @PlayApex Neither does revs totem at least it didn’t for me today…

Recently, Wattson has also received a buff. Players using her new legendary emote remove the Pylon from her back, reducing her hitbox and making it more difficult to knock her down. Some of the most preferred SMGs like the R-99 and Volt, among others, were also nerfed without any prior notice.

Although Respawn Entertainment has taken care of the latter, they still need to address the former issues mentioned and make an official announcement regarding their future in the game.

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