Apex Legends Season 13: New Legends, weapons, and more

World's Edge map and New Legend Blisk in Apex Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)
World's Edge map and New Legend Blisk in Apex Legends (Image via Sportskeeda)

Every three months, Respawn Entertainment comes up with a major Apex Legends update. Such updates, more commonly known as Seasons, introduce new weapons, Legends, and even game modes that players can enjoy. Season 12: Defiance is currently underway.

Season 12 was released on February 8, 2022, and will carry on until early May 2022. However, some gamers are already looking forward to the battle royale game’s Season 13. Players can expect the new season to drop sometime between May 7 to May 10, 2022.

Expected features in Apex Legends Season 13

Here are some of the exciting features that fans can look forward to in Season 13:

1) New Legends

Not one, but there might be two new Legends that might be introduced in Apex Legends via its upcoming update. The first one is Blisk. He is portrayed as the one who inspired all the other Legends to join the game before Duardo Silva took charge.

Popular data miner Biast12 shared the abilities and gameplay of the above character. This revealed that the passive ability is called “Pilot Kit,” and it is useful in hacking Survey Beacons using a Data Knife. The tactical ability of the Legend, “My Ring, My Rules,” is capable of creating a damaged zone by making use of The Arena’s ring.

Another Legend that might be introduced is called Hawk. Redditor DemonBuer revealed that this Legend would have a passive ability that would enable players to track the location of their enemies, a tactical ability that would help them teleport, and an ultimate ability that might make them as invincible as Kraber.

2) New weapons

Respawn Entertainment accidentally leaked one of the upcoming weapons in Apex Legends way back in September 2021. However, the developers have informed fans that they will not get it “any time soon,” which is why the chances of it being introduced in Season 13 are quite likely. Fans suspect Nemesis Burst, the leaked assault rifle, to be an Energy weapon.

The next weapon that could be introduced is the Fanatic Energy Pistol. The gameplay of the weapon has been leaked, but nobody knows what it looks like. The pistol was capable of inflicting a good deal of damage to the dummies in the Firing Range.

3) Return of World’s Edge and Firing Range update

World's Edge map in the battle royale game (Image via EA)
World's Edge map in the battle royale game (Image via EA)

Much to players' disappointment, this famous map was removed from the battle royale game in Season 12. Due to its popularity, players can expect it to return in the upcoming Season 13. Players can expect the map to be slightly updated.

The leaked gameplay of the Fanatic Energy Pistol revealed that the Firing Range has been updated. Ever since it was released back in 2019, no major improvements have been made in the past two years.

Disclaimer: The release date of Season 13 and features are speculations as per the leaks that have surfaced online. So far, no official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment has been revealed.

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