Apex Legends: Top 5 team compositions for easy victories in Season 8

Image via Respawn Entertainment
Image via Respawn Entertainment
Preyashu Halder

There are more than fifty different squad combinations in Apex Legends. The ongoing Season 8 seems to be the biggest update of the game with the arrival of the Olympus map and a new agent in Apex Legends.

Apex Legend offers unique characters or Legends with different abilities. There are a lot of different possibilities and Legend synergies to work with. Due to these differences, how gamers combine them is very important.

Players need to be aware of lots of different abilities to stay ahead of opponents in Apex Legends. Every Legend is important and brings something valuable to the team and any squad combo is viable.

Top 5 team compositions in Apex Legends for easy victories in season 8

#1 -Octane, Lifeline, And Gibraltar

This is a good combination and the legends come with the ability to heal themselves and can act like a shield to prevent damage.

Lifeline has her D.O.C. drone, which can heal and revive teammates. Her ultimate ability helps with care packages in Apex Legends. Octane, on the other hand, has the unique ability to heal himself when not in combat.

The character is a bit evasive in nature and can use its LaunchPad to reposition quickly and evade the enemy line of sight. Gibraltar has two shield abilities that can prevent him & teammates from taking damage in Apex Legends.


#2-Bangalore, Caustic, And Bloodhound

This is a unique combination and really good for a close-quarter fight in Apex Legends.

This squad is all about smoke and cover. While Caustic and Bangalore seem likely to hamper them as much as help, paired with Bloodhound, that smoke is a nightmare scenario for the other squads. Caustic, with smoke canister, damages enemies health irrespective of the shield condition and creates a smokescreen.

Bangalore has its own smoke abilities that create a veritable smoke blanket blocking the enemy's line of sight. One can also revive teammates in its cover. Enemies will have a hard time tracking this squad’s.

Both Bloodhound and Caustic can see through smoke, and enemies hit by Caustics Ultimate and tactical are marked green, and that of Bloodhounds Eye of all Father are marked in red. Bloodhound, with its ultimate ability Beast of the Hunt, can track enemies in the smoke and hunt them down.This team composition is a deadly counter for aggressive enemy teams, especially in tight urban locations in Apex Legends.


#3- Pathfinder, Wattson, And Caustic

This squad works best when holding a building and waiting out a circle in Apex Legends.

Caustic and Wattson can set traps inside buildings with the help of Pathfinder’s inside knowledge ability. Most teams end up staying outside rather than pushing and dyingin toxic traps. Wattson's Interception Pylon can catch projectiles, ensuring her teammates and traps are kept safe.

Be careful: the Pylon will also grab a friendly Caustic’s Gas Grenade. Caustic’s gas canisters can be used to block doorways restricting enemies from entering. Pathfinder’s ability to locate the next ring is an advantage in sticky situations and helps the entire team with the relocation using Pathfinders Ultimate Zipline Gun in Apex Legends.


#4- Bangalore, Wraith, And Octane

This squad is for players with an aggressive playstyle. This demands a belligerent playstyle for an action-packed and exciting gaming experience in Apex Legends. Each of these characters excels in their own way.

All these Legends are very good at winning individual battles and can escape easily if the fight is not in their favor. Bangalore, with its passive Double Time, can easily evade attacks with a brief increase in sprint speed. Wraith, on the other hand, can create a portal and help teammates escape or quickly reposition, avoiding all damages. Octane can boost his movement speed a pretty serious amount, and his jump pads allow for the whole team to gain new positions quickly.


#5- Gibraltar, Mirage, And Wraith

This squad is all about making opponents look in the erroneous direction in Apex Legends. Gibraltar with his Dome of Protection and his passive ability Gun shield that attracts the enemies keeping their gaze focussed on him. Mirage and his decoys can confuse enemies, and if they shoot the decoy their locations can be figured out.

Wraith is good at evading any situation with the help of her tactical ability. Wraith can make a portal for her teammates using the ultimate and flank the enemies or just run with a shotgun from behind when the enemies are distracted by her teammates.


These are some of the best compositions Apex Legends can offer.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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