Who are the legends coming to the first season of Apex Legends Mobile?

Who are the legends coming to the first season of Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Xbox)
Who are the legends coming to the first season of Apex Legends Mobile (Image via Xbox)
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Respawn Entertainment and EA recently announced Apex Legends Mobile, and fans cannot wait to play the Battle Royale classic.

After much anticipation, the publishers have finally announced that Apex Legends Mobile will be available for beta testing. The two regions selected for the beta are India and the Philippines. These two areas have the most flourishing mobile gaming communities, so it makes absolute sense.

Apex Legends Mobile's popularity will also be aided by PUBG Mobile's absence. However, the game will likely develop a strong community within a matter of months.

The mobile gaming community has been waiting for a revolutionary battle royale FPS shooter, and Respawn will deliver it with Apex Legends Mobile. They have also hinted at the legends that will be coming to the game in its first season.

This article discusses all the possible agents/legends players will initially see in Apex Legends Mobile.

Which characters will be coming to Apex Legends Mobile Season 1?

Since the developers from the PC and console versions of Apex Legends will design the mobile version, it is safe to assume that the game will have eight primary agents during Season 1.

This effectively means that Bangalore, Gibraltar, Caustic, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, Mirage, and Wraith will be the first eight legends in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.

Similar to the PC version, players might get to see Octane as the first new legend introduced in Season 1.

That being said, these eight legends in question are extremely powerful, and players need a comprehensive idea about their abilities before jumping in.

The following list of abilities is for all the legends that might be introduced in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1:


  • Passive - Double Time
  • Tactical - Smoke Launcher
  • Ultimate - Rolling Thunder

Bangalore is a demolition expert who knows how to cover her team when ambushed. Her ultimate is useful while clearing out a large number of hostiles on the map.

Similarly, her tactical ability can be used as a defensive trick to rotate across the map or rescue a teammate.


  • Passive - Tracker
  • Tactical - Eye of the Allfather
  • Ultimate - Beast of Hunt

Bloodhound is the recon expert and fits perfectly in any team composition. Players using this legend usually target getting information on the enemy's location before attacking.

At the same time, Bloodhound's ultimate allows him to move faster, react quicker and spot enemies easily throughout the map.


  • Passive - Nox Vision
  • Tactical - Nox Gas Trap
  • Ultimate - Nox Gas Grenade

Otherwise known as the controller of the team, Caustic uses his smoke to confuse the enemy. The Gas Trap and the Gas Grenade can be lethal if enemies do not rotate early on.


  • Passive - Gun Shield
  • Tactical - Dome Of Protection
  • Ultimate - Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltar takes up the role of a tank in Apex Legends Mobile. His job is to protect the team from the opponent's bullets. His ultimate can be a neat trick to take out the enemies when pinned down against heave fire.


  • Passive - Combat Medic
  • Tactical - D.O.C Heal Drone
  • Ultimate - Care Package

Known as the healer of the team, Lifeline earns her name in Apex Legends Mobile. Her job is to keep the team alive, which means rescuing anyone who is knocked and supplying the team with fresh gear.

Her ultimate, combined with the Heal Drone, can change the fate of any match.


  • Passive - Now You See Me
  • Tactical - Psyche Out
  • Ultimate - Vanishing Act

Mirage, as his name suggests, is an illusionist. He uses decoys to perplex opponents and sends them the wrong way.

Mirage would definitely require a higher skill level as players can get exceedingly creative with this legend in-game.


  • Passive - Insider's Knowledge
  • Tactical - Grappling Hook
  • Ultimate - Zip line Gun

Pathfinder is considered one of the legends in the game simply because of his range of abilities. His passive can gather information about the next storm movement.

His other abilities can be used for effective rotations or as a surprise attack on his enemies.


  • Passive - Voices From the Void
  • Tactical - Into the Void
  • Ultimate - Dimensional Rift

Wraith is the rotational expert in Apex Legends Mobile. This legend can be used in various ways.

An aggressive player would try to attack the enemies with Wraith's full kit. In contrast, a passive player would focus on using Wraith as a rotational tool in their team.

These are the initial eight legends that might come to the first season of Apex Legends Mobile. As the season's progress, they will be joined by the likes of Octane, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Rampart, Wattson, Horizon, Fuse, and Valkyrie.

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