Apex Legends Mobile: Will Respawn Entertainment's new FPS shooter overtake PUBG, COD Mobile and Free Fire in the Indian gaming community?

Apex Legends Mobile: Will it overtake PUBG, COD Mobile and Free Fire in the Indian gaming community (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Mobile: Will it overtake PUBG, COD Mobile and Free Fire in the Indian gaming community (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Dipanjan Dey

Apex Legends Mobile is finally coming, and what does this mean for all the current games dominating the battle royale genre in the Indian mobile gaming circuit?

Respawn Entertainment recently announced that Apex Legends Mobile is up for testing in specific regions. This new information has confirmed that the game will be available worldwide soon enough.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the biggest Battle Royale titles of 2021, next only to Fortnite and Warzone.

However, with the incoming mobile version, Apex Legends is about to make an immediate impact in the mobile gaming community.

Especially in a country like India where esports is dominated by mobile gaming, Apex Legends will be a breath of fresh air for battle royale enthusiasts.

The question remains now, what will happen to games like COD Mobile, Free Fire, Critical Ops, and other popular mobile titles which currently dominate Indian mobile gaming scene?

Apex Legends Mobile beta - Bloodhound (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Mobile beta - Bloodhound (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

This article talks about a few possibilities that Apex Legends Mobile brings to the table for the Indian gaming community.

Will Apex Legends Mobile take over the community from COD Mobile, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile in India?

Apex Legends Mobile beta - Weapons (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Mobile beta - Weapons (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

PUBG Mobile's hallowed status in the Indian gaming community cannot be replaced, but Apex Legends will attract the best players from the scene.

Apex Legends Mobile will start beta testing later this month in India and the Philippines with a few thousand players. The official date regarding the start of the testing has not been announced as of yet.

Apex Legends Mobile is specifically built for mobile devices. It won’t feature cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends.

The free-to-play game promises to have no in-game microtransactions that would give players a tactical advantage.

The Battle Royale gaming community in India is currently divided between two games: COD Mobile and Free Fire. Free Fire being the superior BR game as it focuses entirely on that genre. COD Mobile, on the other hand, focuses more on the Multiplayer game mode.

Both games established themselves in Indian esports as soon as PUBG Mobile became history. However, the BR communities of both games are not exactly satisfied.

The COD Mobile Battle Royale community recently lashed out at Activision for their blatant bias towards multiplayer mode. Recently the world cup for COD Mobile was announced, and it only featured the MP mode. This infuriated the BR players as they made their opinions clear on Twitter with the #why_No_BR_worldcup.

The movement stood side by side with the #mobileonlycomp, which was started by COD Mobile's Multiplayer pros. This was to discourage the usage of iPads in tournaments.

The two social media movements in the COD Mobile scene have exposed the lack of unity in the community, and it has opened up the market for other titles to swoop in.


Free Fire is perhaps the only stable BR game which has stood the test of time. It emerged as the most popular BR game after PUBG Mobile's untimely disappearance. But even with Cristiano Ronaldo in the character list, Free Fire has taken a backseat to COD Mobile in India.

Recent statistics reveal that the game has not lived up to its reputation and has been losing players for numerous reasons. This creates a huge gap in the Indian Battle Royale community, where gamers are helplessly searching for a new BR game.

Respawn Entertainment and EA plan to take over the community by introducing the beta version of Apex Legends Mobile in India.

Realistically, Apex Legends will impact the Indian mobile gaming community in a big way. It is highly expected that the game will lure players from popular titles like COD Mobile and Free Fire.

Similarly, once the beta-testing is done and the game is finally released, players can expect numerous esports organizations to jump in early to make their pro rosters.

A new game always comes with new opportunities, and players can definitely make top-notch content with Apex Legends Mobile. Hence, it is safe to say that a paradigm shift is coming to the Indian mobile gaming circuit, and Apex Legends will take over the community by storm.

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