"Sorry I don't know how you got in": Aris hilariously roasts a viewer's rude message

Aris responds to a rude message by a viewer (Images via AvoidingThePuddle/Twitch)
Aris responds to a rude message by a viewer (Images via AvoidingThePuddle/Twitch)
Aarnesh Shrivastava

Aris “AvoidingThePuddle” has been busy playing the highly acclaimed FromSoftware game Elden Ring, and his viewers can’t get enough of him dying over and over in-game. The fight game master dives into playing the souls-borne category a lot and has played the entire Dark Souls series on his stream.

During a recent stream, he received a rather rude message from a viewer in his chat where the viewer took a diss against the streamer’s gameplay style. Known for his blunt and on-point responses, the streamer reiterated what the viewer said and went on to roast the viewer over his opinion by saying:

“I am new here. I thought you people who stream were good at games. Hey, the stream is full dude. Sorry, I don’t know how you got in or maybe someone left the backdoor open but I already have enough fans.”

Aris responds to a viewer’s rude message in the Twitch chat

Find the full VOD for the clip here! Timestamp: 03:04:16 onwards

The streamer had been live for around three hours, playing Elden Ring. He was progressing through the southern part of the opening biome Limgrave and was trying to clear out a castle called Castle Morne.

The final boss of the castle is known for being very aggressive and difficult. The streamer struggled with boss "Leonine Misbegotten" but did not seem too frustrated by it.

After multiple failed attempts to clear out the challenging boss, a viewer in his Twitch chat commented on how bad his gameplay style was and mentioned how streamers should be good at playing games.

Continuing to roast the viewer about his opinion in the form of a message in the Twitch chat, Aris went on to say:

“Not interested in any new ones. I am sure you got this from other streams you went into. You’re probably here because another stream was like, wow, this guy is a b**ch, get em out of here.”

The streamer said that the same thing would happen on his stream too. He went harder on the viewer and started to roast them by mentioning:

“Listen man, same thing here. Sorry. I’d like to give you something different than you’re used to hearing like ‘hey welcome in, you don't stink like s**t, you are not a c**k s**ker’. But, you’re just gonna get it again.”

He concluded his minute-long rant by hilariously saying:

“Different stream, same reaction. Anyway, take that guy outside and b*ttf**k him again.”

The streamer went on to defeat the boss after the hilarious interaction. It took a couple more tries, after which he successfully defeated the boss. He ended his stream an hour later and called the day after finishing one of the side questlines.

Fans react to Aris’ hilarious welcome message for a rude viewer in the chat

Viewers in the streamer’s Twitch chat laughed at the incident when Aris went hard on the viewer and called them out for it.

Viewers in chat reacting to the streamer's blunt response (Images via AvoidingThePuddle/Twitch chat)
Viewers in chat reacting to the streamer's blunt response (Images via AvoidingThePuddle/Twitch chat)

Fans and audiences on Reddit mentioned how Aris is one of the few streamers that makes them laugh every time they watch his clip.

AvoidingThePuddle or ATP is a well-known internet personality who regularly streams on Twitch. He is known for his fighting gameplay, where he mainly played games like Tekken and Soul Calibur. He became the world champion for the Soul Calibur II World Game Cup 2004.

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