ARURF will make a return to League of Legends along with patch update 12.2

ARURF is set to make a return once more within the game (Image via League of Legends)
ARURF is set to make a return once more within the game (Image via League of Legends)

ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode) is part of a set of rotating game modes within League of Legends. It has been quite a while since this particular game mode was available to play and Riot Games has a few changes lined up.

It seems that players will not have to wait long as ARURF is set to arrive with League of Legends' 12.2 patch update. However, the mode will be made available from January 26, 2022, instead of arriving on the day of the patch.

This time, ARURF will also come with a few surprises. The developers are introducing a few changes to certain runes which are going to make the summoner's rift in ARURF even more interesting.

ARURF will introduce reduced cooldowns to First Strike and Glacial Augment when it arrives with League of Legends patch 12.2


Within this game mode, the key idea is speed, where every champion has their ability cooldowns reduced. This game mode is more focused towards consistently fighting and feeling the power of a particular champion.

However, along with champion abilities, items and runes are also tweaked a bit to fit the fast flowing game mode. This includes reduced cooldowns to certain runes. Thus, during the first ARURF of season 12, the developers are set to reduce the cooldown of two brand new runes that were introduced in the pre-season.

ARURF rune changes (Image via Riot Games)
ARURF rune changes (Image via Riot Games)

This includes Glacial Augment and First Strike. Glacial Augment creates three frosty paths that slow down enemies whenever a player immobilizes them. First Strike allows players to gain additional gold which assists a lot towards farming and gaining items faster.

During ARURF, First Strike will have its cooldown reduced from 25 seconds to 15 seconds in level 1. This will be reduced to a maximum of 9 seconds depending on the level of the player.

Glacial Augment on the other hand, will have a flat cooldown reduction from 25 seconds to 15 seconds. It is quite a massive change and players using these two runes will have a blast.

Certain champions become absolutely broken due to the reduced cooldowns. Thus, the priority of those champions increases significantly. This includes champions like Vex and the recently introduced Zeri.

i wish they would put arurf or just urf to be a constant game mode... its really fun and chill qwq…

It is important to remember that ARURF is being released along with the Lunar Revel event in League of Legends. This is the event where the game celebrates the Chinese New Year. Thus, players will have a lot more activities to enjoy along with ARURF as well.

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