Atlus will be joining the Summer Games Fest 2022 showcase: What does this mean for the acclaimed RPG developer?

Are you looking forward to the upcoming gaming event? (Images via Game Awards/Atlus)
Are you looking forward to the upcoming gaming event? (Images via Game Awards/Atlus)

With the cancellation of E3 2022, several different video game livestreams will be taking its place in the upcoming month of June. One of them is Summer Games Fest 2022, and it will be covering a variety of publishers in the scene. Summer Games Fest 2022 host Geoff Keighley has unveiled an extensive lineup of partners confirmed for the event.

From big names like Activision and EA to smaller ones like Focus Entertainment and Raw Fury, it is a melting pot of AAA and indie companies. There will likely be many unique reveals for fans to get excited over.

Interestingly, one of the names listed there is ATLUS, renowned for the Megami Tensei RPGs. Since the showcase is meant to highlight new announcements from various studios, it is pretty much a given that ATLUS too will have something to show. But what exactly will that be?

ATLUS being at Summer Games Fest comes as a surprise

The company is largely affiliated with Nintendo and PlayStation consoles due to the history of the Megami Tensei titles released on them. So to see them among the ranks for the upcoming June event is surprising, to say the least. One can't help but wonder if they are trying to aim for more multi-platform releases in the future.

As with any gaming company, their development teams surely have something cooking. One such upcoming title is Soul Hackers 2, set for an August 2022 release for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A brand new Megami Tensei RPG releasing not just as a multiplatform title, but also on PC and Xbox, is something no fan would have dreamed of until now.

What could ATLUS feature during the show?

With such an out-of-left-field reveal, fans are sure to speculate as to what the iconic Japanese studio has in store. Here are some possibilities:

1) New footage of Soul Hackers 2


This is an easy one. First revealed in February 2022, the sequel to the underrated SEGA Saturn entry is coming to modern consoles and PC. The developers have already extensively covered Soul Hackers 2 with a number of trailers, from raw gameplay to demon introductions.

Players will control an AI called Ringo, who must team up with other Devil Summoners to stop the plans of the evil Phantom Society. More gameplay and further plot details are certainly in order, especially considering that the title launches in a few months.

2) Project Re Fantasy


The mysterious RPG was announced way back in 2016. ATLUS had unveiled the existence of a new development team called Project Zero, which was said to be working on the codenamed project. Almost six years later, we know next to nothing about it, but that may change with the upcoming event.

Last year, Japanese website 4gamer revealed that development is soon reaching an end, according to ATLUS developer Katsura Hashino. Another of the publicly known tidbits is that renowned composer Shoji Meguro will be lending his talent to the title as well, so whatever it is, fans can be sure to expect a banger of an OST.

3) New project in an established non-SMT franchise


More of a wild guess than anything, but a new Etrian Odyssey or even Trauma Center would be pretty good to see. The former is a first-person dungeon crawler RPG series that saw its last entry on Nintendo 3DS with Etrian Odyssey Nexus. Meanwhile, the latter is part of a cult-classic surgery simulation series. It hasn't seen an entry since Trauma Team on the Nintendo Wii.

The Summer Games Fest will air on June 9, 2022. Are you ready for a new wave of exciting and shocking announcements?