5 Nintendo Wii-exclusive third-party games that should get a Switch remake

These are some of the best games on the Nintendo Wii (Images via SEGA/EA/Ubisoft)
These are some of the best games on the Nintendo Wii (Images via SEGA/EA/Ubisoft)

The Nintendo Switch has seen the biggest third-party support among any of the Mario maker's consoles so far.

Franchises that have never seen a Nintendo platform release made it to the Switch. These include the likes of Metro, The Witcher, and Bioshock.

Throughout the years, developers have also made many games exclusively for this particular Nintendo platform - especially the Wii. These range from underrated gems to unknown entries in popular franchises like Silent Hill and Dead Space.

Given how unique some of them still are, they certainly deserve a second chance at recognition. This is especially true since most, if not all, of them went unnoticed due to the Wii being stigmatized solely as a family-friendly product.

So here's a handful that should get a Switch remake.

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5 Nintendo Wii third-party games that deserve a Switch remake

1) Dead Space: Extraction


Developed by EA Redwood Shores (later known as Visceral Games), Dead Space: Extraction came out in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. It acts as a prequel to the original Dead Space and is a survival horror game.

The story follows survivors from the Aegis VII mining colony as the planet and newly-arrived ship USG Ishimura is overrun by deadly monsters called Necromorphs.

Gameplay-wise, it is an on-rail shooter, not unlike House of the Dead but with Dead Space mechanics. Players move through various areas of the mining colony as different characters and take down oncoming Necromorphs by severing their limbs. Familiar weapons like the Rivet Gun make an appearance, and so do abilities like Stasis.

Overall, despite being a spin-off on weaker hardware, the game retains the core art style and atmosphere of Dead Space.

While the Nintendo Wii release saw positive reviews, sales were poor. A remake with the other three games on Switch would be great, especially since the hype for the upcoming Dead Space remake is building up.

2) MadWorld


Fairly controversial at its 2009 launch, Platinum Games' MadWorld is a Nintendo Wii cult classic. This black-and-white brawler turned heads thanks to an unabashed level of gore and execution.

The Organizers have taken over Varrigan City by unleashing a deadly virus. It has infected the citizens. To get a vaccine, they must kill each other and live to tell the tale. This is eventually turned into a broadcast known as DeathWatch.

This is where protagonist Jack Cayman steps in, presumably to win the cash prize. Players will brawl through the five districts of the island they're on while killing baddies in the most gruesome ways possible. These include decapitation, impalement, crushing under vehicles, and being thrown through a turbine. Plus, did we mention the protagonist has a chainsaw on his arm?

The game has caught the eye of more than a handful of players since its launch, so here's hoping SEGA deems it worthwhile for a future remake.

3) Cursed Mountain


This was Alan Wake for the Wii before the Remedy-developed Xbox 360 game was even released, which was a year after Sproing Interactive's Tibetan horror came out for the Wii.

Set in the 1980s, mountaineer Eric Simmons visits the Chomolonzo mountain in the Tibetan Himalayas in search of his missing brother Frank. He ends up with more than he bargained for as the region is overrun by restless hostile spirits.

The gameplay involves exploring various levels, solving puzzles to progress, and using the third eye to battle supernatural entities. The game employs motion controls to perform gestures that take down ghosts.

The protagonist's pickaxe can also turn into a magical projectile-casting weapon but normally allows climbing steep walls. The setting is very fresh and atmospheric as well.

Deep Silver has a plethora of franchises they seem hesitant to use, and this sure seems like one of them. There are not many games out there that touch on Buddhist folklore, so a revival of this concept would be great.

4) Deadly Creatures


Ever wondered if those Nat Geo animal documentaries would make a good game? Deadly Creatures answers that question with a resounding yes.

Developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ for the Nintendo Wii in 2009, Deadly Creatures is an action game where players control a scorpion and a tarantula.

The plot isn't about these critters but rather the humans in the background. George and Wade are searching for hidden American Civil War gold in the Sonoran Desert. However, the scorpion and tarantula each traverse various levels, utilizing their unique abilities for combat and exploration.

There are tons of prey to fight in the game's brutal hack & slash combat system. The animation is surprisingly great for a Wii game too. It's an experience more people deserve to know about, that's for sure.

5) Red Steel 2


Ubisoft has been a steadfast supporter of Nintendo since the beginning. They brought many games to the Nintendo Wii. One of these was Red Steel 2.

After the original title flopped due to poor controls and design issues, the French developer went all out with a sequel. This one goes for a Wild West, and Eastern hybrid look and drastically improves upon the gameplay.

What you're left with is an action-packed first-person shooter/hack and slash that's best described as a combination of Shadow Warrior and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

Levels are linear, but players will move down all kinds of mob enemies and bosses. The protagonist wields guns for long range and a katana for close range. Movement is free form, and the game rewards exploration with collectibles. Players can also invest in skills to upgrade their character.

The game is one of the more acclaimed and technically impressive ones on the Nintendo Wii and was released in 2010.

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