Battlefield 1 vs Battlefield 5; Which is a better FPS game?

Comparison between Battlefield ! and Battlefield V (Images via DICE)
Comparison between Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 (Images via DICE)

The most recent games in EA and DICE's Battlefield series are BF 1 & BF 5. They are set in World War 1 and World War 2, respectively, and have distinctive atmospheres that raise the bar and make you feel as though you're deserted in the thick of a hectic international conflict.

Some of the greatest multiplayer first-person shooter games have been featured in the BF series. Regardless of quality, each product has been immensely popular, with post-launch patches and improvements convincing fans that the next BF title is by far the finest.

The fandom has long engaged in comparisons between BF 1 and BF 5, two of the strongest games in the franchise.

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More enjoyable FPS game: Battlefield 1 or 5?

1) Gameplay mechanics

Battlefield 1 wins the category for most entertaining gameplay (Image via DICE)
Battlefield 1 wins the category for most entertaining gameplay (Image via DICE)

The classic first-person shooters BF1 and BF 5 strongly emphasize multiplayer action. Players are pushed into the thick of the action, participating in various scenarios. Both games use similar fighting systems, with users having access to a selection of period-appropriate weaponry.

BF 5 does include weapons from other WW2-themed video games gamers may be familiar with.

You cannot leave your men to stand unmoving on the board and hope to win. (Image via DICE)
You cannot leave your men to stand unmoving on the board and hope to win. (Image via DICE)

However, BF 1 grants users access to numerous concepts that were only beginning to be used on the battlefields. They could use various weapons, including light-mounted MGs, self-loading rifles, prototype machine guns, and more, to maintain the excitement of a cooperative-person shooter.

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Players will be able to operate various vehicles, following in the heritage of the BF franchise, from the World War 2-era iconic vehicles to aircrafts & early prototype tanks in BF1.

Battlefield 1 wins the category for most entertaining gameplay. While it retains many of the same FPS elements that gamers have grown accustomed to, placing them inside the context of World War makes a significant difference.

2) Setting

War changes all (Image via DICE)
War changes all (Image via DICE)

The BF video game series is renowned for having actions that take place during many eras and in numerous battles. Over the years, the Second World War trenches, modern urban combat, and a far-off future with cutting-edge weapons and vehicles were all accessible to players.

The BF series' final episodes return to the "classic" wars of the 20th century, where it all began.

Get ready for the next world war (Image via DICE)
Get ready for the next world war (Image via DICE)

Participating in battles on the Great War frontlines makes Battlefield 1 unique in this regard. Anyone familiar with the history of World War 1 and how it was fought may have wondered how an intensive multiplayer shooter would fit with trench warfare's accuracy in history.

The developers managed to pull it off, providing one of the series' most dramatic battles.

Battlefield 5 takes place in the well-known setting of WW2. This time, the creators chose to put the action in parts of northern Normandy, among many other less well-known battlegrounds.

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Although some of these sites are well-known, BF 5 takes a unique approach to each, providing gamers with a sense of newness. However, Battlefield 1 is the undisputed winner in this comparison due to its novel World War 1 setting.

3) Story campaign

Battle of the fittest (Image via DICE)
Battle of the fittest (Image via DICE)

Let's face it, the BF series' fans did not pay sixty bucks to watch a poor movie about yet another valiant soldier ending a great fight on their own. They've come for the action-packed multiplayer engagements BF 1 and 5 provide.

Since both games primarily focus on multiplayer, their story narrative games are unremarkable. The Great War and World War 2 eras are represented by several war stories because they are known in the titles.

Smooth and mechanical gameplay (Image via DICE)
Smooth and mechanical gameplay (Image via DICE)

Some of them have unique twists, such as BF 1's "Friends in High Places," which plays on fantastic tales recounted by veterans, and "The Last Tiger," where players accompany a Wehrmacht tank crew and see the conflict from a different perspective.

Both campaigns contain various characters, featuring female combatants and soldiers from other nationalities and races, highlighting how white American and British males aren't the only individuals who fight on the front lines.

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Despite this, neither BF 1 nor BF 5's campaign modes are long or contain worthwhile content. The former triumphs in this category because it provides something different from another WW2 story in addition to its fresh setting and intriguing plot twists.

4) Multiplayer modes

Grenade, take cover! (Image via DICE)
Grenade, take cover! (Image via DICE)

The guts of every BF game, the cooperative games in BF 1 and 5, provide all the crucial components. Both games include powerful competitive FPS gameplay divided into various intriguing modes.

Some of them are present in both titles, such as the "Operations" and "Grand Operations" modes, where users compete to complete goals on a series of maps resembling a campaign.

Other modes include variations on conventional deathmatch and team deathmatch.

Battlefield 5, on the other hand, includes the "Firestorm" option, in which players fight on multiple maps encircled by a sphere of flames.

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A unique twist on the well-liked battle royale modes found in other first-person shooter games is the "Firestorm" mode. Battlefield 5 wins its first match-up here due to the intriguing Firestorm mode.

Judgment call

After all there can only be one winner (Image via DICE)
After all there can only be one winner (Image via DICE)

We can go on and on about all the minor and major elements of Battlefield 1 and its successor. Now it's time to decide who wins our Battlefield 1 versus Battlefield 5 battle and put the debate to bed.

Fans claim both titles provide a distinctive gaming experience and are among the best examples of the multiplayer first-person shooter subgenre. However, Battlefield 1 is triumphant from our analysis.

Battlefield 1 is a breath of fresh air for the franchise, thanks to its distinctive setting that suits the series' gameplay elements. You can be confident that BF1 will satisfy all of your needs if you enjoy multiplayer first-person shooters.

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