5 things we would like to see DICE work on in the next Battlefield 

The next game in the series will require some serious work by EA and DICE (Image via DICE)
The next game in the series will require some serious work by EA and DICE (Image via DICE)

The Battlefield series has lost major ground over the poor execution of 2042, a major debacle for EA and DICE. Many of the features incorporated in the 2021 release haven't found favor with the fans. Some were even afraid that the game could potentially kill the entire series, but that won't be the case.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has already announced that they're reportedly thinking about rectifying things. There will be at least another game in the series if rumors are to be believed. Many fans believe that making the next Battlefield game shouldn't require thinking from the ground up. All EA needs to do is follow the next steps, which could greatly reduce the chances of repeating what happened in 2021.

5 changes EA should make over the development of the next Battlefield game

5) Listen to its players


One major complaint of players is related to what they think is the absence of their opinions in the game's development. While DICE has a feedback collection system, some believe that the feature is just for show and has no impact. Others believe that the process should be more frequent and that feedback should be implemented.

DICE and EA will decide whatever shape the next Battlefield game takes. However, they should look to include what players want. It's quite possible that a developer could make a mistake irrespective of how noble their intentions are. Listening to those who will play the game can reduce such changes and provide the developers with fresh ideas.

4) Bring back favorites from the older games


Innovation and change are vital for the video game industry as making repetitive things never sit well with the fans. For Battlefield 2042 and EA, the changes have been too much. Many of the changes EA has incorporated in the game seem to be over the top and don't have their places. What's worse is that many of these systems aren't optimized and have caused greater headaches for the developers.

One thing EA should look to do is bring the best out of the previous games. On Reddit, players have frequently complained about how interesting mechanics from games like Battlefield 4 and 1 are missing for no reason. While new systems are always welcome, sometimes it's safer to go with the tried and tested ones.

3) Include a campaign


When Battlefield 2042 was announced, players were told there wouldn't be any single-player content. This seems to be a recent trend as the campaign in Call of Duty Vanguard is also quite short. Some developers have pointed to the current trends for such a decision, but there might be a case to do the opposite. It's unknown when the next Battlefield game will be released, but narrative-based gameplay can still capture fans' interest.

While it's quite unlikely, EA and DICE should introduce a story of some kind to capture the interests of players who love such things. It will also allow them to add more content to the storyline if the reception is good. The campaign will also act as an alternative when players want to try something different from the online battles.

2) Bring back the class system and get rid of specialists


When Battlefield 2042 was announced, EA mentioned a new specialist system coming to the game. Built on the previous class system of the games in the series, specialists added more personalization to the characters. Every specialist has a background story and gadgets in the new system. While it sounds promising on top, the actual reception hasn't been good as players have hated it.

The main problem with the specialists seems to be with their intentions. What's supposed to be their strengths often creates problems for players in the actual game. Some have even complained that the specialists make Battlefield 2042 feel like a hero shooter rather than a military shooter. While EA's intentions might be good, reverting to the older class system in the next game will be a sensible decision.

1) Bugs


Following an internal town hall meeting in the early parts of 2022, EA admitted that Battlefield 2042 had an abnormally high percentage of bugs. This has directly affected the development efforts of the developers, as their time was cut short by these bugs. Possible reasons for working in lockdown and switching to a new engine have been stated. Whatever the case, the next Battlefield game should avoid having so many bugs.

While bugs are natural, the 2021 release has suffered from a truckload of them. Many believe that the delay in important content like Season One results from these bugs as DICE hasn't been able to create them. Ensuring fewer bugs should be a crucial step for DICE and EA as far as the next game is concerned.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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