"Where do specialist fit in?": Battlefield 2042 players worried at EA and DICE's obsession with the botched mechanism

Players aren't happy with the specialists in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)
Players aren't happy with the specialists in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)

DICE and EA have recently updated Battlefield 2042 with a feedback loop system via which they have been in contact with the fans and players. The system has been implemented in the wake of below-expectations performances. As things stand, the maps are the first area targeted under the system. With maps being reworked, DICE has confirmed that the specialists in the game is the next target. While the developers may have their own plans, players are not sure where the specialists belong. Based on the opinions of the majority, it doesn't belong to a nice place.

The specialist system was introduced in Battlefield 2042 after changing the earlier class system. Whatever plans DICE had in doing so have backfired as players have become tired of the situation. Many have previously asked about the entire system being removed. However, a radical removal seems unlikely, much to fans' displeasure.

Battlefield 2042 players are wary of the specialist system

A couple of days ago, DICE informed the players about their work on the maps. On an additional note, the developers have informed the players that more feedback will be taken from them in the coming days. The main area of focus for them seems to be the specialist system.

Reddit user u/YourExcellency posted about what they thought was the rightful place for specialists. According to them, a garbage dump seems to be where the specialists should be kept. The player was supported by other users who shared their thoughts about the existing specialist system.

One player is afraid that EA won't even listen to what they have to say about the specialist system. Even if players have no interest in specialists, EA and DICE will still keep them in the game.

Another player stated that they don't expect the developers to delete the specialists now. The maximum DICE would do is tweak and change them to a class system. However, the player hopes that the new Battlefield game wouldn't have a similar problem.

It appears that the players are at a different standpoint when it comes to the specialist system in Battlefield 2042. While the developers have identified it as an area that needs work, players think the opposite.

One user decided to be pragmatic about the situation and mentioned that the best they can hope for is their removal from the next games in the franchise.

The sentiments against the specialists were already apparent in the past on the subreddit. One player asked whether the developers even observed those before making such decisions about the feedback loop topics.

Microtransactions in video games are never a great idea when the game is poorly made and costs full price. One player believes that the specialists were created to just sell more microtrasactions. They feel that the only place where the specialists truly belong is in the garbage dump.

It seems that players are at a different wavelength from EA and DICE when it comes to the place of specialists in Battlefield 2042.

One player wondered where the specialists fit, given that they have failed to bring in any new players. The system has also been wholeheartedly rejected in the past by a majority of the player base.

The speed at which the repair works and improvements have been made hasn't appeased many. One player stated that this would mean even more delays. It should be noted that Season One of Battlefield 2042 is already delayed. Any further delay could be disastrous for the game and could be the final nail in its coffin.

It remains to be seen what the players' expressions will be when EA starts discussing the situation. Unlike the maps, there's a significant gap in players' expectations and developers' opinions about specialists in Battlefield 2042. One can only hope that the gap doesn't increase anymore, as it could spell doom not only for the game but also for the franchise.

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