"With my last breath, I curse DICE": Battlefield 2042 community reacts to survey seeking their opinion

Fans have been genuinely dissatisfied with the quality of Battlefield 2042 since it launched (Image via DICE)
Fans have been genuinely dissatisfied with the quality of Battlefield 2042 since it launched (Image via DICE)

One of the fans' major complaints regarding Battlefield 2042 is that the developers don't care. When the initial trailer was launched, DICE and EA promised many innovations and content to the fans.

Yet, many of them have remained unfulfilled throughout the game's development since its launch. The developers conducted a recent survey to get feedback from the fans, some of whom were very unhappy.

In recent months, DICE has made efforts to get some feedback from fans about things they want to see in the game. While the attempt might be noble, many fans believe there hasn't been any real progress.

They are also unsatisfied with the rate of feedback collection as some believe that there should be more effort. However, a recent survey has once again created a discussion that has shown the kind of sentiments players in Battlefield 2042 have at the moment.

Battlefield 2042 players want to see some major changes based on survey feedback

The original post was made by Reddit user u/Beginning-Camera-332, who posted a meme on the entire incident. The user believes that the only feedback DICE might have received will indicate that the game has been a disaster and nothing can be done to salvage it. Other users also joined by expressing their opinions and what they thought about the entire matter.

One user stated that there will be a slight rise in the player base when Battlefield 2042 enters the Xbox Game Pass via EA Play. However, it will soon die down, and the community itself is quite small. The user also finds it quite embarrassing that some indie games now have more followers.

Another user added that Terraria, a much smaller game in scale, is enjoying over 26,000 players on Steam. In comparison, Battlefield 2042's numbers will seem a pity even though it's an AAA release.

Some feel that this survey might have been the last draw and DICE could have decided to give up and concentrate on the new game.

The Season One content that has been delayed is something that fans are putting their hopes on. One player believes that Season One will have to be a soft reboot of Battlefield 2042 to have any chance of salvation.

Some fans hope that the game will be able to make a comeback, although they think that it's beyond the point of redemption.

DICE has described the recent update 4.0 as a fix to several issues that have plagued the game since its launch. One user who played it on the EA Play trial agrees with the company. However, they're far from convinced and are saving the remainder of the trial for when more content drops.

Given the rate at which the player base of Battlefield 2042 has declined, some wonder if anyone will be left to test the new content when they release it.

Quite strangely, the survey was closed soon after it was released. This might have been because of the overly negative feelings among the fans. As things stand, the future doesn't look very bright for DICE and Battlefield 2042.

What will be interesting to see will be what EA decides for the immediate future. It's a well-documented fact that the Battlefield series will continue. CEO Andrew Wilson stated that they're assessing things from the ground up. It will be important for EA to ensure that the current game can salvage at least part of the reputation loss it has caused.

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