"They plan to cut the only good thing about the game": Battlefield 2042 players react to DICE's reported plans to nerf Portal

DICE is rumored to be contemplating content reduction in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode (Image via DICE)
DICE is rumored to be contemplating content reduction in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode (Image via DICE)

Portal is one of the few things in Battlefield 2042 that players have liked in the game so far. It makes the mode a rarity since players have disliked a vast majority of the additions to the latest Battlefield game.

A recent development could upset fans as DICE has surveyed the Portal mode. They have asked fans a question that may indicate a bare-bones Portal mode in the future. Suffice it to say that players haven't taken the news in a kind manner.

This feedback collection is one of the many things fans have found DICE guilty of. A strong majority believes that the reason for Battlefield 2042's failure is how the game has been executed.

While the developers have continued to work to the best of their abilities, many consider the efforts to be insufficient. In light of all the current issues with the game, nerfing the Portal mode might not be a great idea.

Battlefield 2042 fans aren't happy with DICE giving indications about reducing content in the Portal mode

The original post was made in the community by user u/korlic99, who posted a snippet of the question asked by DICE. The user interpreted DICE's way of description as an indication that they want to do away with providiing players with further aditional content for Portal mode.

Content, in general, has been a major issue in the game, and Portal getting nerfed is perhaps the last thing fans want.

Other users also haven't taken to the news very kindly. One user is amused that DICE might be saving these ideas for the next game of the series so that they don't have to do too much brainstorming.

Some fans are vehemently against buying another game in the series until after it has been released and its quality is well known. This allowed one person to avoid Battlefield 2042 and save money.

Such has been the positive reception of Portal mode in general that one player believes it can quite easily be a standalone game of its own.

There are also rumors that the mode will be made free-to-play as an experiment. One player thinks that could be the perfect thing to do if there's enough content.

For some, the featured modes are the only ones keeping their interest in the game. While the existing systems haven't improved much, the featured modes help to make it feel better.

Another player believes that this is a way for DICE to find out if there will be a potential backlash as they struggle to manage the developers who are working on the game.

The recent survey question seems unbelievable to some and they can't even judge if DICE is serious over here.


One fan can't understand why DICE would even want to nerf Portal mode when it's the only thing keeping players involved in Battlefield 2042.

Many fans have asked about modes and features from previous games that could be recreated, to an extent, in Portal mode. Some believe that this is a deliberate attempt by EA to ensure that players can stop asking for these features.

THe recent question might be an indication that DICE has run out of fresh maps for the Portal mode, according to one player.

What the future holds for Battlefield 2042 and the Portal mode, in particular, is a matter of speculation. It's quite clear that fans don't want the mode to be nerfed as far, at least as far as content is concerned.

What DICE does ultimately could be something that might anger fans more. If anything, the developers should improve the content of the Portal and the game as a whole.

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