"Over promise and lie to the end": Battlefield 2042 players react to the missing promises from DICE

Much was promised by the developers for the game (Image via DICE)
Much was promised by the developers for the game (Image via DICE)

Battlefield 2042's reception has been overtly negative since the game was released in 2021. There have been plenty of problems with the game, and all of them have cumulatively resulted in fans being unhappy.

One of the major areas of dissatisfaction has been the non-delivery of promises made to the audience. One fan who watched Twitch's original 'Welcome to 2042' campaign brought this forward.

When one observes the video, it becomes evident just how inferior the actual product has been. Battlefield 2042 was advertised as the next generation of the series, and DICE and EA decided to go with a multiplayer-only experience.

Unfortunately, the overall quality has been missing, and it has resulted in a game that is about to go free-to-play to save itself six months following its release.

Battlefield 2042 players recall the amount of failed promises and expectations

The original post was made by Reddit user u/ImportanceLeast, who declared that he once again checked out the campaign on Twitch. When the 1-hour long video was released, fans' hopes were very high. Given the lack of necessary quality, the initial fanfare has gone down.

The user also recalled instances where false promises had been made.

Other users also shared their experiences of the ordeal and how EA and DICE failed to meet their expectations. One fan explained that half of those present on that stream had left DICE. A large section felt that those who had left EA would have resulted in Battlefield 2042 being a much better product.

Another person believes the game was originally meant to be a Battle Royale, and the decision to shift away from it has caused all the problems.

For many, the poor quality of recent games has led them to find peace in previous games like Battlefield V and 4. One fan expressed the fun they're having in those while hoping that Battlefield 2042 will be playable someday.

Some feel that fans and players shouldn't have forgotten the problems in Battlefield V. While the game has improved since its launch, it has had a lot of the same issues in the latest release. One user feels that players shouldn't have believed the developers after what they have done in the past.

Some fans were reportedly skeptical about the game as soon as the stream was shown. They felt that the tales being told were too good to be true, and unfortunately, that has been the case so far.

When someone asked the post owner for the reason for rewatching the stream, the user explained that this was the best they could do related to Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 had promised a lot of things to its prospective players. For starters, there were supposed to be grand-scale battles between the players in the vast open fields. More content was supposed to arrive with Season One.

Like the new season, some of it has been postponed, and a new date hasn't been given out. As for the other features, they're most likely never to arrive and will cause much more disappointment to the fans.

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