Following the Battlefield 2042 disaster, why should DICE and EA take more time with their next game?

There will be at least another Battlefield game in the future (Image via DICE)
There will be at least another Battlefield game in the future (Image via DICE)

Battlefield 2042, courtesy of its performance issues and lack of content, has been a significant headache for EA and the series as a whole. The game was supposed to be the next big step in the series, and the hopes were around some of the major additions made to it.

Unfortunately, things haven't gone the way DICE envisioned it, which has led to the game being considered a failure, even in the internal scene. However, there will be another Battlefield game, at least according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, but its potential release date isn't yet known.


Many fans believe that the damage done by the recent release might prove disastrous for the entire franchise. When one talks about Battlefield 2042, the list of things that have worked is significantly less than what hasn't. This has led to people deserting the game and going back to older titles in the series.

There will be a new game, but its release date is anyone's guess. As lucrative as a 2023 release might sound, pushing it back to 2024 might be better in the long run.

EA and DICE can't afford to rush with the next game after what happened with Battlefield 2042

In 2021, rumors stated that the next game following Battlefield 2042 will be released sometime in 2023. However, much has changed in the gaming world since then. 2023 remains an excellent opportunity for EA and DICE as it might be the first time its rival Call of Duty won't be making a premium launch and concentrating on Modern Warfare 2. Hence, a terrific business opportunity for EA could be leveraged, but it might be counterproductive.

2023 will be the first year without a Call of Duty game in 18 years πŸ’€

Battlefield 2042 was released roughly three years after Battlefield V, with the latter being improved since its rough release state. DICE hoped the problem with their 2018 release wouldn't be repeated, but if anything, the exact opposite happened. The rate of issues increased significantly as the developers had to search which areas to fix first.

According to Tom Henderson and WhatifGaming, the earlier plans for a 2023 release seem unrealistic to many involved insiders. This can neither be confirmed nor denied that EA will push back the next game to 2024, but it would be a sound decision.

Ded game.Industry insider Tom Henderson has revealed that @Battlefiel2042 is internally considered "a miss" at Dice, alleging the game was a test for new features and future Battlefield games will opt to go back to its usual formula πŸͺ–#Battlefield2042 #EA #Battlefield

It's safe to say that Battlefield 2042 has taken more time than DICE planned. The very fact that the game still misses basic features and, more importantly, the lack of content is sure to keep the developers' hands full.

Greater time doesn't always symbolize a better video game since there are examples on both sides. There are games with shorter developmental periods that have worked way better than Battlefield 2042. Pushing the new game back to 2024 doesn't guarantee success, but it offers extra time to the developers that can be positively used.


For one, greater time will allow DICE to make Battlefield 2042 what it was supposed to be. While making the entire game expectation-worthy might be a gargantuan task, there's no doubt that some points of criticism will be reversed. The longer it takes, the more it will benefit the new game.

An extended development time naturally reflects the developers getting more time to fine-tune what they offer. They can try to add more features, but they can also test them more to ensure that it's up to the required standards. What EA needs to do right now is make a game that could gain back both its and the series' reputations.

The next Battlefield title could be in 2024, according to @_Tom_Henderson_ #Battlefield | #Battlefield2042

To ensure that, DICE and EA's priorities should be to avoid rushing through development because another Battlefield 2042 will finish the series, irrespective of its incentives for a 2023 release.

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