"Battlefield 1 is so good, the difference is stark": Battlefield 2042 community makes comparisons after disappointing Season One content

Fans have been left unimpressed with potential additions in Season One (Images via EA)
Fans have been left unimpressed with potential additions in Season One (Images via EA)

Hopes of a revival for Battlefield 2042 have gone down the drain with the announced content. The new season has not started yet, but fans are already disappointed with it.

Many had expected DICE to hit hard, considering the state of the game. Unfortunately, a comparison with the added content of the previous game has shown just how poor DICE has been in recent days.

Since Battlefield 2042 was released, fans have been upset with the game. There are no shortage of issues in the title, ranging from terrible bugs to overall poor content. Nevertheless, some fans were still hoping for the new season despite all the disappointment.

Season one was delayed from its spring release dates, and fans had hoped that DICE would use this time to provide something substantial. Unfortunately, the reality has been bitter, as it appears that DICE has managed to do nothing to rectify the lack of content.


Battlefield 2042 community reacts to poor content for Season One

Battlefield 1 might not be the best game of the series. However, it is quite clear that DICE bothered more about it than what they have been doing with their latest release.

During Battlefield 1, the content that players received was significantly more than those launched as a DLC. Battlefield 2042 might have done away with DLCs in favor of the season. Having lesser content makes everything else redundant, as that is what most fans want.

Other players are quite unhappy with what is yet to come as part of the season. Some find it ironic that the new season has been titled Zero Hour, as the content has led to some calling it "Zero Content."

Maps have been a major problem in the latest game as fans have complained several times in the past. Some were hoping that DICE would have learnt their lessons, but one new map in the upcoming season has disappointed once and for all.

Some are ready to pay for premium service once more as they think it is the only way to get good content. Much has changed in recent times, as the live service model that DICE has attempted to pursue has failed.

For one fan, DICE should have continued to develop Battlefield V. They believe that DICE has managed to not only put the disaster of the game to the public, but they have also managed to destroy the IP as a whole.

One player added that the faction system should be much better than what is currently in the game.

Some are quite irritated at the fact that DICE has advertised one helicopter as two. The reason for that are the two factions, each of them receiving a helicopter. However, the model in question is exactly the same in Battlefield 2042 and should be considered a singular model.

One player added that it's not just in the extra content where Battlefield 1 did better. When it comes to the post-launch service, the older game provides a better experience as well.

Another fan also believes that those who vocated for live service have made a grave mistake. The incidents in Battlefield 2042 prove that the premium service fared much better compared to the live service model the current game has adopted.

There has been a lot of attrition at DICE in recent times and it was stated as a possible reason for the downfall by one fan.

Season One was supposed to be the step that would have helped Battlefield 2042 recover its lost reputation. Unfortunately, it required some radical steps that seemed to be missing. DICE's efforts look to be the bare minimum, and this could be the eventual end of the game.

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