"I feel the maps in Battlefield 2042 are made out of plastic": Community criticizes DICE for the quality of in-game content

Maps have been a major issue with the game (Image via DICE)
Maps have been a major issue with the game (Image via DICE)

Among the various significantly problematic issues with Battlefield 2042, maps have been at the very top of the pile. Ever since the game's launch, there have been several complaints regarding the game's maps from the playerbase. Some have claimed that the maps are too large and make the game feel like a 'walking simulator.' One player recently pointed out the differences in Portal and All Out Warfare maps. The user stated that the game engine actually has a lot of potential, but it was mainly DICE's fault for the game's failure.

This isn't the first time that DICE has been blamed for the conditions of Battlefield 2042. A large part of the community thinks that most of the game's problems are down to mismanagement by both EA and DICE. While the developers have continued to work on the game, many believe that it's just not enough. Portal is one area where players have shown their love, and they feel that the official maps should follow suit.

Battlefield 2042 players discuss the map design and quality of the game

The original post was made by Reddit user u/Soft_Force9000, who shared three images. Two of them are likely from the Portal mode, and the other is from All Out Warfare. The superior details and execution seen in the first two maps are rather evident. Not only is there more detailing, but the design and coloring itself seems to have improved significantly in comparison to the third one. This led the original poster to comment that the engine of Battlefield 2042 clearly has potential, but needs to be refined.

Other users also shared their opinions on what they think about the maps. For many, Battlefield 2042 looks worse than previous entries in the franchise. One player wondered if they're the only ones who think that the game feels cheap and shallow in terms of quality.

Another player commented in response that everything in the game feels artificial and as if they're made out of cardboard.

While some do feel that the maps are visually appealing, they seem to be missing the life and charm a player normally expects from a Battlefield map.

For one player, it seems to be the current iteration of the Frostbite engine, which could be causing the problem. They believe that the only surefire way to know it is by bringing Battlefield 1 maps to Portal.

One player commented that the look of the maps depends on those who create and design them rather than the engine itself. The player pointed out that the upcoming Dead Space remake uses the same Frostbite engine, but looks much more promising in comparison.

While Mass Effect Andromeda might not have been a massive hit, one fan feels that the game from 2017 had superior graphics on the very same engine.

For some, Battlefield 2042 feels very cheap when being played and resembles a Chinese game that lacks in quality.

Some even claimed that Battlefield 4 seems to have more quality than the latest release. Although it was released nearly a decade ago, many fans claim that it's the better looking game.

One player commented that the larger battles and crossplay might have been too much for the engine. To manage the overall load, the maps in Battlefield 2042 might have been fleshed down.

Given that the portal maps have been created by a separate branch of DICE, this could be a possible reason for better quality of the Portal maps.

While some elements of Battlefield 2042 will surely improve over time, the fate of the maps doesn't seem too bright as far as the game is concerned. DICE has previously claimed about repairing the maps and making them more in tandem with what fans want. However, it's pretty unlikely that the graphical quality of the maps will improve and they will continue to be disappointing.

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