Battlefield 2042 to finally reduce map size after players ridicule the shooter for being a 'walking simulator'

DICE are about to make some major changes to the maps in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)
DICE are about to make some major changes to the maps in Battlefield 2042 (Image via DICE)

Battlefield 2042 is still not the game it was supposed to become as per plans of EA and DICE, but the developers haven't yet given up on the game. Among the issues related to the overall gameplay design, the maps are not player-favorites. DICE concentrated on making bigger maps with more significant numbers of players.

However, the plans were counter-intuitive, and it seems significant changes are coming. Among the several planned changes, the most interesting takeaway is the plans to reduce map size.


At this point, the game has very few things working for it. While it has improved a bit since its post-launch state, things haven't improved much. The game was launched as a hot mess, and there were so many issues that DICE has not been able to fix all the problems.

Battlefield 2042 maps set to undergo major rework

Maps will be the first area of focus in preparation for season one. In an official post on their website, DICE pinpointed and discussed some of the problems with the existing maps in Battlefield 2042.


DICE has noted some of the significant issues with maps in the game. The first big problem is with the transverse, as critics often call the game a 'walking simulator.'

The larger maps and their lack of cover means that players are susceptible to long-range weapons. Traveling from one objective to another becomes a nightmare for players on specific maps.

me and my buddies walking 30 minutes from one objective to another one in the most immersive huge and crazy battlefield 2042 experience (no, literally, this is us lmao kek xD pogchamp moment no kizzy 🥶)

The lack of cover results in a sub-optimal line of sight experience. Players keep taking damage more often than not, and that often results in the completion of particular objectives being near-impossible.

The Breakthrough mode has been pinpointed as it is known for chaotic gunfights. Discussions are also occurring over the intended intensity of gunfights. Deliberations are ongoing to see if the reduction of players and/or vehicles can improve the quality of the matches.

Given the nature of Battlefield 2042, players will need exciting sessions to keep themselves engaged. The matches in the game aren't balanced and suffer from some or all of the issues mentioned above.

I’m sorry but 64 player Conquest and Breakthrough on Battlefield 2042 is extremely boring. Not enough action and the matches are quick. You get do quickly but 128 players is much more action packed with more kills to go around. 128 players is the definitive experience.

It's a positive sign that DICE has acknowledged the problem and has promised changes shortly. However, it should be noted that the developers have informed that the map rework will take a substantial amount of time. It's also likely that the changes will be rolled out over multiple patches and not all at once.

Some of the existing plan of changes (Image via DICE)
Some of the existing plan of changes (Image via DICE)

DICE has revealed some of the work being planned in the existing set of maps. The problems with the existing maps also mean that DICE will be scaling down the maps in the future and making them smaller.

The notion that apparently larger maps would result in more open-ended fights has been debunked. Larger maps are perfect when there are a lot of players. However the dwindling numbers of Battlefield 2042 is not conducive to it at present. Combined with all the bugs in the game, the situation gets worse.

Battlefield 2042 going free to play won't fix the awwwwwwful maps.

While the work has started, the new changes will likely take some time before they get implemented. The game's situation is grim, and this will be one long wait for the players.

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