"This dev is the worst": Battlefield 2042 players are angry with DICE for removing popular content

Fans aren't happy with DICE's latest decision (Image via DICE)
Fans aren't happy with DICE's latest decision (Image via DICE)

The 128-player conquest was a USP of Battlefield 2042 as EA promised gamers the grandest of battles. The initial hype was quite high surrounding the mode, but it started to go south pretty soon.

EA and DICE have now decided that they will go back to 64-player battles, reducing the maximum size of players by half. Since the factors involved in making the decision haven't been made public, fans aren't happy. A section of them feels that maps should've received rework instead.

The maps in Battlefield 2042 have been a frequent topic of discussion for many reasons. Such has been the poor reception that the game has often been referred to as a "walking simulator."

DICE had promised to make changes over an earlier feedback session and players' responses. However, reducing the player count in each battle seems the optimum choice, though the fans think otherwise.

Battlefield 2042 players state their problems with the maps as DICE removes 128-player battles


As soon as information about the latest patch was dropped, several fans seemed unhappy with the upcoming changes. Reddit user u/georgioslambros posted about their feelings and thoughts about the recent change.

The user stated that the 128-player conquest felt quite fun on the older maps of the game. This statement indicates that the main source of the problem are the designs of the new maps made for the game.

Other users also expressed their opinions on the issue. It should be noted that the 128-player warfare was specifically incorporated for Battlefield 2042. One player feels that playing 128-player Breakthrough was the best way to play the game. The higher player count allowed them to get the true taste of a proper warzone.

One player who loves Battlefield 1 feels sad about the fact that DICE stopped working on Battlefield V to go on and make 2042, which is an inferior title.

Despite the earlier mode being unfair to some, the feeling of playing and winning as an underdog is something some players truly enjoy.

Some even think that the 128-player battles were a remarkable improvement compared to the earlier times of 24-player battles. In those, players could often carry the flag and do missions without being disturbed by the enemies.

Some are once again angry with DICE and feel that the developers are clueless on many counts.

One player is unsure as to how people are still playing this game since the person has been unable to continue it despite picking an used copy for only $7.

Content has been a major problem for Battlefield 2042 and the recent reduction seems to some that they have lost content once again.


With the reduced player count, it will become even harder for the gamers to get into fights with enemies. Some believe that moving from one objective to another will be akin to running a marathon.

Some players bought the game looking to find intensity and chaos in Battlefield 2042 and that's now being taken away.

One player believes that it's the hyper-mobility of the specialists which is a cause of the problem. In general, the reception towards specialists has been very poor as players have asked for the older class system many times.

The 128-player Breakthrough mode has been the only reason some players have been playing Battlefield 2042. With it removed, it's unsure as to what those players will do and if they continue to play the game.

It's clear that the decision taken by DICE hasn't gone down well with the fans. This comes at a time when the game had started to gain some positive traction. There has been very little positive news elsewhere as there has been no fresh information about the delayed Season One content.

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