Bayonetta 3: Best skills for all characters and weapons

Here's some of the must have skills to use in PlatinumGames latest offering (Images via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 is out right now and its gameplay is deeper than ever before. Developer PlatinumGames has thrown everything they've got at their latest character action game. This means more skills and abilities to help augment your gameplay style.

There are a large variety of skills to check out across both characters and weapons as players progress through the game.

These are the best skills to get in Bayonetta 3

1) Bayonetta

Best skills for the character as well as her weapons and associated Infernal Demons:

  • Bat Within: A classic skill returns from the previous games. Bat Within allows Bayonetta to turn into a swarm of bats at the press of te ZR button when hit by enemy attacks. This allows covering up a missed dodge. Given how crucial defensive maneuvres are, this should be the first skill to be unlocked.
  • Chrysalis (Color My World): Think the default damage output of the Color My World handguns isn't good? Chrysalis allows shooting a long range laser beam by holding the Y button.
  • Super Demonium Ray (G-Pillar): The massive G-Pillar is one of the most brutal weapon in the game and the ability Super Demonium Ray makes it even cooler. It is slow to charge but this fires a concentratated energy beam of devastationg damage in the aimed direction.
  • Heaven or Hell (Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo): This skill affects the Infernal Demon associated with the weapon. Phantasmaranae is a large fiery spider and this skill allows it to self-destruct, dealing damage in a large area. Don't worry, as it will respawn not longer after. Great for getting out of a pinch.
  • Tempest (Simoon): Malphas possesses the fan-like weaon known as Simoon. One of its skills, called Tempest grants a neat crowd conrol option. As the name suggests, it summons a tornado that pulls in nearby enemies to fling them away.
  • Loop Signal (Dead End Express): The unique train chainsaw Dead Train Express is one of the craziest weapns in the game and can devastate in the right hands. Loop Signal grants increased user precision as it allows spinning the train in place to better hit airborne enemies
  • Brisés Volé (Ribbit Libido-BZ55): Another fresh take on a weapon, the Rbbit Libido-BZ55 uses the power of music to hurt foes. This skill uses the Demon Masquarade form of Bayonetta to perform flips and rain down poison.
  • Emperor's Dread (Tartarus): The peculiar Umbran Clock Tower is an Infernal Demon as well residing within the Tartarus weapon. This skill allows Bayonetta to stomp on the ground and create ashockwave. WHile piloting the demon, it will stomp enemies.
  • Shuffle (Abracadabra): This skill allows Bayonetta to tun into a swarm of bats at any time to attack enemies. Note that it is different to the skill Bat Within.
  • Maneuver: Cresent (Cruel Altea): Fuse wth Labolas to fire tons of ice projectiles with this skill. tapping Y will cause even more to shoot out.
  • Grind Stripper (Alrune): This skill causes Byaonetta to cover ground quickly by spinning with her vines.
  • Onyx Stampede (Cassiopiea): Summoning the power of the massive Kraken, this skill causes it to rampage forth lashing out its tecntacles, slamming on the ground.

2) Viola

Note that Viola's skill tree will become accessible after Chapter 7

  • My Name Is: Boost the darts effects by turning them explosiv. Hold Y to charge.
  • Hungry Hi-Hat: Allows Viola's Infernal Demon Cheshire to avoid being pinned by emerging from the ground. Also adds shockwaves to Viola's barehanded attacks.

Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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