How to farm seeds quickly in Bayonetta 3

Make farming for progression currency easy in Bayonetta 3 (Images via Nintendo)
One of the main currencies players will encounter is Seeds, which are a brand new type. (images via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3, like any other character action game, features various ways to grow stronger. These progression elements are often in the form of new purchasable skills and abilities. In the latest offering from PlatinumGames, players are offered various collectibles to be able to indulge in these upgrades.

One of the main currencies players will encounter is Seeds, which are a brand new type. While found abundantly, players will need to collect plenty of them to be able to afford items from the shop in the Gates of Hell.

Bayonetta 3 offers many ways to rack up seed count

As was the case with previous games, fans can expect to run through certain levels several times to farm for what they need. These generally include either the Prologue or boss fights. The former is usually an easy introduction to the game, offering a low bar of entry in terms of difficulty, set-piece complexity and length. The latter are one-on-one skirmishes against the game's many well-designed bosses, which are bound to reward players handsomely for playing well.

Additionally, there are also means to ensure increased seed drop rates. Pair this with a simple route like the Prologue, and it is easy money. Follow these steps to earn seeds fast:

Step 1: Head to the Gates of Hell shop and buy several Midas' Testament consumables. The Midas' Testament causes enemies to drop Seeds on being attacked for a short period of time. It costs 3000 Seeds to purchase.

Step 2: Purchase the Astounding Touch skill for the Color My World handguns. This is a Demon Masquerade skill, activated by rotating the left analog stick at 360 degrees and pressing the punch button. It summons Madama Butterfly's arms which strike enemies around Bayonetta, making for a solid crowd control move.

Step 3: Start the Prologue: A Chaotic Encounter and begin at the Prologue Start checkpoint. This will transport the player to their first encounter against a horde of Homunculi.

Step 4: Consume a Midas' Testament from the menu and activate the Astounding Touch skill to attack the surrounding enemies. Given the vast range of the attack, this should result in a rain of seeds as Bayonetta demolishes foes around her. Spam this move continuously to reap the rewards. Once the effects of Midas' Testament expire, simply activate another to continue the chain.

Step 5: Once the set piece is over, head back to the Chapter Select screen and replay that section of the Prologue. Repeat until the desired amount is reached.

Bayonetta 3 includes brand-new gameplay elements like Demon Masquerade

Bayonetta 3 surpasses everything that the franchise has offered so far. The game sees mysterious life forms appearing to be neither angels nor demons destroying the world. Bayonetta, the omnipotent witch, is here to save the world which is on the verge of destruction.

Experience brand-new gameplay elements like Demon Masquerade, where Bayonetta fuses with an Infernal Demon to wield even more formidable magic power. The Demon Slave mechanic lets the Umbran Witch control Infernal Demons at will to obliterate enemies. That's without factoring in even larger scale set-pieces, new plot elements, a brand new playable character as well as new tools of destruction.

The game is now out for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

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