Where to find all the Figure Boxes in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta battling it out against the Homunculi (Image via Nintendo)
Bayonetta battling it out against the Homunculi (image via Nintendo)

Released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022, Bayonetta 3 is the third installment in the action-adventure series starring the alluring Umbral Witch. It was created by developer Platinum Games, of Nier Automata fame, among other titles.

Taunt naughty enemies and CRUSH them beneath the high heels of Bayonetta’s Infernal Demons. 👠 #Bayonetta3

Bayonetta 3 features several in-game collectibles that players can get their hands on and view in their game archive. The collectibles include Card Packs, Records, Echoes of Memory, Umbran Tears of Blood, Verses, and Figure Boxes.


Locating the Figure Boxes in Bayonetta 3

Figure boxes in Bayonetta 3 unlock entries into the in-game art gallery and are hidden throughout the game’s campaign. However, a few of the boxes are obtainable in the Gates of Hell via Rodin’s Treasure.

(The location of each Figure Box in Bayonetta 3 is detailed below as per chapter.)

1) Prologue

No Figure Box is to be found in the prologue of Bayonetta 3.

2) Chapter 1

  • The first figure box in the game can be found right near the west coast of the starting area. Drop down the hidden ledge to grab it.
  • The second box can be found near the Time Shift puzzle tucked in a corner.
  • The third box is right on top of the central curved building. Climb up top to receive the box for Bayonetta.

3) Chapter 2

  • The first figure box can be obtained inside a train carriage, directly across the right side of the start of the chapter.
  • The second figure box is found in Verse 7, in an alternate route to the left along the long highway that is tilted on its side.
  • Complete the prior challenge using the spider form. In between the two towers, there is a treasure chest, which opens up the way to the third box.

4) Chapter 3

  • Reach the ruined building at the start of the game. Head down left to find the first figure box.
  • After finishing up Verse 5 head on back to find the second figure box hidden to the side.
  • Complete Verse 6 to pick up the third figure box located on a roof to your right after you finish the section that requires you to dodge trains in the tunnel as a new Bayonetta.

5) Chapter 4

  • Start and complete Verse 1 and go through the archway to see the first figure box below the ledge.
  • The second figure box will be obtained after completing Verse 2, on top of the central tower inside a small room.
  • The third figure box can be located around the right side of a courtyard near the second box.
  • After Verse 4, you can find the fourth box hovering over the lava near a toad.
  • Complete Verse 7 to enter a building after you complete the time manipulation puzzle. Drop down the hole and make your way to the next area with the lift. Halfway through the ride, you can find the fifth box.

6) Chapter 5

  • Continue onward after completing Verse 3 to the upper left level of the tower. The first figure box is located at the bottom of the stairway.
  • Drop down the wall to land above the second figure box, along the back of the tower.
  • In the main courtyard, run through the destroyed walls and turn right to find the third figure box.
  • The fourth figure box is directly across the third box.
  • Complete Verse 6 to find the fifth figure box hidden in a corner of the stage.
  • After Verse 7 you can find a sixth figure box, under the second small bridge past the chest.
  • The seventh figure box can be nabbed as soon as Verse 8 is completed.

7) Chapter 6

  • Complete the battle in Verse 1 and head back to the main courtyard. Turn left to find the first figure box.
  • Complete Verse 2 to find the second figure box near the start of the level.
  • After wrapping up Verse 3, use Gomorrah to knock down the tower to create a bridge. Cross it over to grab the third box.
  • In the time manipulation puzzle, forward time to reveal a fourth figure box in the lava.
  • Figure box 5 can be found floating above the lava after completing the puzzle and crossing over the moving platforms.
  • The sixth figure box can be found on the roof of a small building near the arena of Verse 6.

8) Chapter 7

  • Complete Verse 1 and enter the two towers in front. In the tower, swing over to the end of the broken bridge to obtain the first figure box.
  • Kick off Verse 5 and find the second figure box near the arena.
  • Finish Verse 7, and enter the secret room. Balance the two pillars to open the locked door. Head up the stairs to find the third figure box.

9) Chapter 8

  • Past Verse 3, head right and cross the moving platforms into the time puzzle. Make it to the final platform before time runs out to find the first figure box in the distance within grappling range.
  • Head on back to the top of the towers. The second figure box is on the next tower.
  • The third figure box can be located under the bridge near the second box.
  • Complete Verse 4 and head to the upper section of the temple. Open the door with the help of Baal and Bayonetta to check the right of the room and find the fourth box.

10) Chapter 9

  • The first box can be obtained on the right of your starting point.
  • Kick off Verse 2 with Bayonetta and head up the stairs on the left, outside the temple. The second box is hidden in the corner.
  • The next room after completing Verse 5 is where you can obtain the third figure box behind a sarcophagus.
  • After Verse 8, enter the next room to find the fourth figure box on the right.

11) Chapter 10

The lone figure box is obtainable at the top of the moving platforms.

12) Chapter 11

A single figure box can be availed right at the start of the level near the location leading to Verse 1.

13) Side Mission 1

  • The first figure box is located between the set of lasers, obtainable through the vent.
  • The second box is on the right waiting for you as soon as you exit the water area.

14) Side Mission 2

The lone box can be obtained near the end of the level, underwater.

Chapters 12, 13,14, and side chapter 4 of Bayonetta 3 are still being worked on. The guide will be updated once relevant information regarding the same has been released.


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