Where to find all Echoes of Memory in Bayonetta 3? Collectible locations revealed

Bayonetta 3 features exciting combat (Image via Nintendo)
Bayonetta 3 features exciting combat (image via Nintendo)

Released for the Nintendo Switch on October 28 2022, Bayonetta 3 is the third instalment in the gorgeous action-adventure series by Platinum Games. It features the return of the titular protagonist, Bayonetta, as well as Jeanne and a brand-new character, Viola.

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Bayonetta 3 features several collectables for players to unearth. This guide will focus on the Echoes of Memory, which are represented by black books that unlock lore details in the in-game menu.


Note: This guide is a work in progress.

Locating the Echoes of Memory in Bayonetta 3

1) Prologue

No echoes can be found in the prologue.

2) Chapter 1

  • The first echo is inside the tower to your right, in the middle of the level behind a cracked wall.
  • Past the big battle on the streets of Shibuya, proceed to the alley on your right and solve the time shift puzzle. Grab the second echo up the reformed stairway via the puzzle.
  • Head to the tunnels, and find the third echo on the left side of the room in Verse 12.

3) Chapter 2

No echoes are present in Chapter 2.

4) Chapter 3

  • Head on to above the ruined building with an Umbran crow perched on top of it. Move further left to find the first echo.
  • Past the main gates enter the left path to find a time puzzle. Use Bayonetta’s powers to rebuild a bridge and reach up top to grab the second echo.

5) Chapter 4

  • The first echo of memory can be found on the tree overlooking the Summon Barrier.
  • Going past the Great Wall and onto the walkway that leads to the next area will reveal the second echo.
  • The third echo of memory can be found after completing Verse 5. Head up on the roof of the small building to break the Automaton orb. After platforms appear, traverse them to collect the memory.
  • Complete Verse 6 and open the sealed door. The fourth echo is behind a tower.

6) Chapter 5

No echoes can be found in Chapter 5.

7) Chapter 6

There are no echoes to avail in this chapter.

8) Chapter 7

  • Head right and up the cliffs to find the first echo.
  • Find the second echo in the desert section by traversing the platforms generated by the orb behind the sand waterfall.

9) Chapter 8

  • Complete Verse 3 and move to your right to find an orb that reveals several moving platforms. Cross the platforms to obtain the first echo.
  • Past Verse 4 and into the tunnels in the temple of Baal, turn left into the doorway to reveal the second echo on the broken stairs.

10) Chapter 9

  • Before heading to the temple with Bayonetta, turn right to find several water pools. Turn around the smaller waterfall at the top to find the first echo.
  • Enter the temple with the windmills, past Verse 5. Head onward to the right side of the room to obtain the second echo, hidden underneath a cracked floor.
  • Complete Verse 7 and head to the right of the room to grab the third echo.

11) Chapter 10

  • Head on top of the moving platforms to find a tower. Break into it and use the hidden platform to reach the top and find the first echo.
  • Complete Verse 2 and head down left to reveal the second echo midair.
  • The third echo can be found on the left side of the road in Paris, peeking out of a subway entrance.

12) Chapter 11

Head out of the tunnels and into the main street to a treasure chest. Interact with it to reveal several moving platforms. Climb across the platform and fly in the opposite direction to find the lone echo of memory.

13) Side chapter 1

The echo can be located on the far left at the bottom of the level, floating above the water.

14) Side chapter 2

The lone echo can be found at the bottom level just above the water. It can be located midair above an enemy.

15) Side chapter 3

There are no echoes of memory to find here.


Chapters 12, 13, and 14 of Bayonetta 3 are still a work in progress.

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