5 best 4-star characters for Honkai Star Rail

Natasha and four other great 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)
Natasha and four other great 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail is the latest RPG from the creators of the popular gacha game Genshin Impact. The vibrant anime style and the free-to-play nature are a few similarities that the two share. Honkai Star Rail, however, is turn-based and features many characters with varied elemental strengths and ratings. Players can also leverage the different attack styles and paths of each of these characters to have a robust team.

The game comprises many playable characters with 4 and 5-star ratings, where the latter is hard to acquire. While player preferences may differ, there are certain exceptional 4-star characters that are liable to be effective in the majority of battles.

Disclaimer: This listicle is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Natasha and four other great 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail

1) Natasha


Natasha is a valuable team member that plays the role of a healer and is associated with the Abundance path. While it is beneficial to be aggressive in battles, one cannot deny the usability of a dedicated healer. Natasha possesses a skill called Love, Heal, and Choose, which can heal an ally by an amount equivalent to 9% of her maximum health (HP) plus 60.

One must therefore aim to increase her max HP to gain a healthy amount of healing from her skill. Apart from being an excellent healer, Natasha can deal significant damage to opponents owing to her association with the Physical element in Honkai Star Rail.

2) Tingyun


Tingyun is associated with the Harmony path and the Lightning element. She acts as a support in battles, as evidenced by her skill Soothing Melody, which enhances the attack (ATK) of one party member by 25% (has an upper limit of 15% of her current ATK value) along with blessing the member who in turn deals added lighting damage to foes.

Tingyun can also be used aggressively by leveraging her basic attack that is capable of dealing lightning damage (50% of her ATK stats) to a single foe. Her ability to enhance the attack stats of one other party member makes her an excellent 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail.

3) Sushang


Sushang is affiliated with the Hunt path and the Physical element. While there is always a benefit to using characters with excellent area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, one cannot deny the potential of dealing high damage to one enemy at a time in a difficult time. This is especially true in hectic boss battles in Honkai Star Rail.

Sushang‘s skill Knight Sword Art: Mountainfall is extremely potent in dealing 105% of her max ATK value to one foe. Furthermore, this skill gives players a 33% chance to deliver 50% (of her max ATK) additional Physical damage.

4) Asta


Asta is a 4-star character belonging to the path of Harmony and is associated with the Fire element. She is ideal for players focused on inflicting high damage per second (DPS) on multiple foes. Her skill Meteor Storm unleashes four blasts that deliver damage equivalent to 25% of her max ATK to any random foe in the battle.

Asta’s ultimate skill boosts the speed (SPD) of every team member by a value of 36 for the duration of two turns. Her weaker damage numbers against one enemy are compensated by her aforementioned Meteor Storm skill, which enables players to eliminate weaker foes faster.

5) Arlan

Arlan is affiliated with the Lightning element and belongs to the path of Destruction. Arlan is excellent in area-of-effect (AOE) attacks that inflict lightning damage on multiple foes. His ultimate attack, called Frenzied Punishment, is a lethal move capable of delivering lighting damage equivalent to a whopping 210% of his max ATK stat to one foe and 90% of his ATK to other surrounding opponents.

However, his skill Shackle Breaker consumes 15% of his maximum health (HP) to retaliate with lighting damage equal to 160% of his max ATK to a single foe. Therefore, it is ideal to regularly heal Arlan to get the best out of this skill in battle. Having Natasha in battle can be extremely useful to sustain Arlan for a longer duration.

Honkai Star Rail features many extensive gameplay mechanics that can assist players in unleashing any character's potential to a great degree. Players can delve into this detailed guide that outlines all the paths and their roles in Honkai Star Rail.