Best Calcharo build in Wuthering Waves: Echoes, weapons, team comps, and skills

Image showing Calcharo in Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves Calcharo build guide (Image via Kuro Games)

Building Calcharo in Wuthering Waves should be on everyone's bucket list, as he is one of the best DPS units to step into Solaris-3. Being one of the 5-star Resonators of Permanent Convene, he is likely to get power crept, but his legacy of flashy playstyle will always prevail. Not to forget, he is the leader of Ghost Hounds, which makes him an expert mercenary.

All he needs is some CRIT stats and Electro Damage as attributes to demolish foes with his lightning-fast abilities. Here is a guide further outlining Calcharo’s best Echoes, weapons, team comps, and more.

NOTE: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

Best Calcharo build for Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves released globally on May 22, 2024, bringing forth Calcharo as a 5-star character in the Permanent Convene. Here is everything you need to build him.

Best Echoes for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves

Thundering Mephis is the main Echo for Calcharo. (Image via Kuro Games)
Thundering Mephis is the main Echo for Calcharo. (Image via Kuro Games)

The Void Thunder Echoes is the best option to build Calcharo, as its two-piece bonus provides a 10% Electro damage boost to the respective character. The Sonata Effect from the complete set further increases the elemental damage by 15% up to two stacks after the wielder releases Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill.

Choose Thundering Mephis as the lead Echo as it rolls with the Void Thunder effect. This creature can also launch rapid assaults of up to six strikes. The final hit boosts the active units, Electro and Liberation DMG.

Alternatively, you can use Lingering Tunes Echoes on Clacharo for the ATK and Outro Skill DMG boost.

Echo stat priorities:

  • Cost 4: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG
  • Cost 3: Electro DMG
  • Cost 1: ATK%

Best weapons for Calcharo in Wuthering Waves

Best Calcharo weapons (Image via Kuro Games)
Best Calcharo weapons (Image via Kuro Games)


For the best Calcharo build in Wuthering Waves, you will need a weapon that is tailored to increase his combat prowess. Surprisingly enough, his ideal pick is Autumntrace which is a 4-star Broadblade with a CRIT Rate substat. The passive further increases the wielder’s ATK by 4% up to 5 times upon launching a Basic or Heavy ATK, something he will do quite often.

Lustrous Razor:

Alternatively, you can use Lustrous Razor for the Calcharo build. This 5-star blade has an attack percentage in substat and provides Energy Regeneration from passive. It also enhances the Resonance Liberation DMG of the equipping character after they activate their Resonance Skill.

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Best Calcharo team comps for Wuthering Waves

Best teammates for Calcharo (Image via Kuro Games)
Best teammates for Calcharo (Image via Kuro Games)

Listed below are some of the best teams for Calcharo:

  • Calcharo+ Yinlin+ Jianxin
  • Calcharo+ Mortefi+ Verina
  • Calcharo+ Mortefi+ Baizhi

Among them, Yinlin is the most prominent Resonator to team with Calcharo as her Outro Skill can provide off-field Electro DMG and Liberation DMG boosts. A notable mention would be Verina, arguably the best support in the game who can heal her allies and provides an All-Type DMG Deepen effect.

You can also substitute Mortefi with Yinlin to activate some coordinated attacks during combat. He can also boost the Heavy ATK DMG of allies with his Outro Skill.

Calcharo skill priority for Wuthering Waves

Calcharo skills (Image via Kuro Games)
Calcharo skills (Image via Kuro Games)

Calcharo’s combo relies heavily on his Resonance Liberation and Forte Circuit to deal optimal damage during combat. Therefore, his skill priority should be as follows:

  • Resonance Liberation > Forte Circuit > Basic ATK > Resonance Skill > Intro Skill

You would want both the Bloodshed Awaken and Revenant Rush passive skills unlocked to improve his Heavy Attack.

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