Best Champion card to use in the Sudden Death Challenge in Clash Royale

Best Champion card to use in the Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Champion card to use in the Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale is the latest 1v1 challenge in the game. The challenge requires players to take only one tower to win the match. So, the player who first takes down one tower wins the battle and earns the rewards. There are various rewards like Gems, Gold, Chests, Emote and Magic Items for completing the Sudden Death challenge in the game.

Players must create a tournament deck to participate in the challenge, which can include cards ranging from Common to Champion. As per the in-game rules, players can only add one Champion card in the deck as they are the strongest card rarity in the game.

So, players must choose the best Champion card. In this article, we will discuss the best Champion card to use in the Sudden Death challenge in Clash Royale and its statistics.

Best Champion card for Sudden Death Challenge in Clash Royale

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The Skeleton King is, without a doubt, the best Champion card in the game, and it must be included in players' Sudden Death tournament deck. It can be unlocked at any time after the King reaches level 14. It is a high-hit point and area damage ground unit that can easily halt the enemy's troops from pushing forward.

Skeleton King, as a Champion card, will stay out of the player's card cycle while deployed, and will only return after he is destroyed. Any troops that die while the Skeleton King is on the battlefield are converted into "souls" that he collects.

Skeletons spawn in a radius around the Skeleton King, based on how many souls the King has acquired during the attack. The Skeleton Army, Barbarians, and Skeleton Barrel are all good swarm cards to counter.


The in-game description of the Skeleton King card is as follows:

"The King of the Undead himself. He sometimes feels lonely (could be due to his non flattering features) and will summon friends to join him in the battle even after death. Tough guys have feelings too!"

When players tap on the ability option, the Skeleton King's special ability activates after a second's delay. When the King uses the Soul Summoning ability, he comes to a halt for a brief while before summoning a variety of Skeletons in a 4-tile radius around him. Every 0.25 seconds, a Skeleton spawns at a random location in the circle.

Skeleton King's statistics in Clash Royale

Secretly OP β€” Lava Hound with Skeleton King and Miner.βš”οΈ 64% WR (23k games)πŸ† 7507 Hoon @BbajungC βœ… 55+ GC Wins, 7dβœ… 118+ GC Wins, 28d#DeckSpotlight #ClashRoyale

Players may use Skeleton King to counter other Champion cards like Archer Queen. This card can also be used to deal with high-hitpoint cards like Mega Knight and Golem. The following list talks about the statistics for the the fan-favorite Skeleton King card:

  • The Skeleton King may be upgraded to level 14, which will grant it 272 damage and 3059 hitpoints.
  • The Skeletons that the King summons have 108 hitpoints and deliver 108 damage.
  • Skeleton King costs four Elixir to deploy on the battlefield, whereas Soul Summoning ability costs two Elixir.
  • The ability's minimum and maximum numbers of Skeletons released are 6 and 20, respectively.

Finally, Skeleton King is the finest Champion card in Clash Royale, and it must be utilized in conjunction with anti-air cards such as Wizard and Witch to counter the enemy's air force push. To receive further rewards, players must place the Skeleton King in the tournament deck of the Sudden Death challenge in the game and complete it successfully.

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