Best Clara team in Honkai Star Rail - Composition, strategy, and more

Honkai Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoverse)
Honkai Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoverse)

Character duos in RPGs offer an interesting layer of depth and synergy. In Honkai Star Rail, Clara and Svarog provide exactly just that. Their unique bond and story allow for a multitude of combat styles that have captivated the fans of the game. Clara is a gentle and kind-hearted young girl who was brought up by Svarog, a highly intelligent robot.

This unique upbringing has endowed her with remarkable determination and insightfulness that far exceeds her age. Although Clara is reserved and cautious, she possesses an exceptional level of thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for others, including the guard robots. As revealed during the Trailblaze Mission, Clara demonstrates an exceptional aptitude for mechanical engineering.

In Honkai Star Rail, she excels as an off-tank and physical damage dealer with the help of Svarog. She is a 5-star physical-based character, treading the path of Destruction.

Leveraging Svarog's Mark of Counter, she skillfully delivers numerous counter-attacks during battles. Furthermore, her ultimate ability enables her and Svarog to provoke enemies, diverting damage away from more vulnerable teammates with lower HP or defense.

Clara proves to be an invaluable asset to a team that requires a durable and area-of-effect (AoE) damage dealer capable of safeguarding more fragile buffers and DPS units. If you've managed to get your hands on this promising duo, here is a useful guide to maximizing her potential.

Honkai Star Rail guide: Clara team composition, strategies, and more


Clara's skill set excels at drawing enemy aggression away from her teammates. By utilizing her ultimate ability, she increases the probability of enemies targeting her, thus enabling Svarog to retaliate with subsequent attacks.

As a sub-tank in Honkai Star Rail, Clara's impressive offensive capabilities should not be overlooked, as her skills synergize with her attack and physical damage attributes, allowing her to deliver significant damage.

Below are a few recommended team compositions featuring Clara in the game:

1) Clara-Tingyun-March 7th-Bailu

This Honkai Star Rail composition is all about channeling all ATK or Energy buffs towards Clara, as this enhances her Counter-Attack damage and accelerates the charging of her Ultimate ability. In the early stages of the game, players lucky enough to have Clara will find her to be an excellent companion to March 7th.

The synergy between the two characters is remarkable, primarily due to March 7th's ability to provide shields to allies and gain a free attack whenever a shielded ally is hit.

Considering Clara's proficiency in drawing enemy attention through her Technique and Ultimate abilities, and with Svarog counter-attacking whenever Clara is struck, March 7th can strategically shield Clara and capitalize on Svarog's counter-attacks to unleash additional damage. Moreover, the shields granted by March 7th contribute to enhancing Clara's survivability on the battlefield.

Honkai Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoverse)
Honkai Star Rail - Clara (Image via HoYoverse)

2) Clara-Bronya-Tingyun-Bailu

With Clara's inherent passive taunting abilities that naturally attract enemy attacks, players have the option to replace March 7th with Bronya if they do not require the defensive utility provided by March 7th.

By substituting March 7th with Bronya, Clara's damage output during counter-attacks can be significantly enhanced. Bailu can also be substituted with Natasha for further flexibility and adaptability in team building.

Clara is easily one of the strongest DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail. She has the highest damage ceiling with unparalleled AoE damage output. However, the success of her playstyle heavily relies on counter-attacks. Here are a few strategies to use Clara effectively:

  1. Allow enemies to attack Clara first in order to maximize the effectiveness of the Mark of Counter. It's worth noting that the Marks of Counter will be removed once Clara employs her skill.
  2. Clara's Ultimate ability not only reduces the damage she takes but also increases the likelihood of her being targeted by enemies. It is recommended to utilize her Ultimate whenever it becomes available, as this allows for more frequent counter-attacks to be unleashed.

That is all for Honkai Star Rail’s power duo. While Clara can dish out heavy damage, it is important to plan your attacks accordingly, as she relies heavily on counter-attacks. You can obtain Clara through Character Event Warp banners, Stellar Warp, and Departure Warp banner.