Best Clash of Clans attack combination after June 2024 Root Rider nerf

Latest Clash of Clans attack combination (Image via Supercell)

Since its introduction, Root Rider has been a favored component in many Clash of Clans attack combinations. However, the recent June 2024 Clash of Clans balance changes significantly diminished its effectiveness by reducing its damage per second (DPS) to 50%. This adjustment impacted the success rate of various raids within the game, making it difficult for players to destroy bases.

This article highlights the best Clash of Clans attack combination that will help to achieve flawless victories.

What is the best Clash of Clans attack combination in June 2024?

Required troop combination (Image via Supercell)
Required troop combination (Image via Supercell)

Here's the complete breakdown of all the units:

  • Wizard x 3
  • Yeti x 2
  • Electro Titan x 1
  • Minions x 2
  • Hog Rider x 5
  • Super Hog Rider x 12
  • Ice Golem x 1
  • Headhunter x 2
  • Apprentice Warden x 1
  • Balloon x 1
  • Log Launcher x 2
  • Healing Spell x 2
  • Rage Spell x 1
  • Freeze Spell x 3
  • Invisibility Spell x 1
  • Earthquake Spell x 1
  • Barbarian King
  • Archer Queen
  • Grand Warden
  • Royal Champion
  • Yeti x 1 (Clan Castle reinforcement)
  • Electro Titan x 1 (Clan Castle reinforcement)

In this Clash of Clans attack combination, players need to equip all four heroes with the appropriate pets and Hero Equipment. The Barbarian King should be accompanied by the Phoenix pet and equipped with the Rage Vial and Giant Gauntlet. Likewise, the Archer Queen should be paired with the Unicorn pet and equipped with the Invisibility Vial and Frozen Arrow Hero Equipments.

Similarly, the Grand Warden should be accompanied by the Poison Lizard pet and equipped with the Eternal Tome and Life Gem Hero Equipments. Finally, the Royal Champion should have the Spirit Fox pet and be equipped with the Haste Vial and Hog Rider Puppet Hero Equipments.

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Tips to achieve three stars with this Clash of Clans attack combination

Important strategy (Image via Supercell)
Important strategy (Image via Supercell)

Here are the required tips for this Clash of Clans attack combination:

  • Begin by deploying Wizards strategically to create a funnel by targeting outer buildings on both sides. Ensure that your funnel is wide enough to guide your main attacking force toward the core of the enemy base
  • Deploy Barbarian King and Archer Queen slightly apart to cover more ground.
  • Use the Grand Warden and Royal Champion behind the main attacking force to provide support and deal damage.
  • Deploy Yetis and Hog Riders directly behind the heroes, ensuring they follow the established funnel and head towards the core.
  • Use Electro Titans strategically to target key defensive structures and create openings for your main force.
  • Prioritize the use of Rage Spells to boost the damage output of your main attacking force as they reach the core.
  • Freeze Spells should be deployed to neutralize Inferno Towers or other high-damage defenses that pose a threat to your troops.
  • Healing Spells can be used to sustain your troops' health as they encounter enemy traps or defensive fire.
  • Optimize the usage of Hero Equipments and pets to ensure complete destruction.
  • Focus your main attacking force on key objectives such as the Eagle Artillery, Clan Castle, and Inferno Towers to weaken the enemy's defenses.

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