Best Genshin Impact Tartaglia build for burst damage with 4-star weapons

Childe has several powerful weapon choices (Image via Hoyoverse)
Childe has several powerful weapon choices (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players who want to build Tartaglia for his Elemental Burst will need to choose the right weapon to maximize their damage. When it comes to 4-star weapons, Tartaglia can make good use of several options, but two of them stand out as the best.

Fans will want to try these bows out if they want to boost the damage of Tartaglia's Burst significantly, making him the ideal character for easily clearing areas like the Spiral Abyss. Players can find the best 4-star weapons for Tartaglia's burst-focused builds here.

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Genshin Impact: Best 4-star weapon builds for Tartaglia's Elemental Burst


Tartaglia, otherwise known as Childe, is one of Genshin Impact's most unique characters, with the ability to perform a wide range of team roles. He can take on the role of a main DPS, an enabler, a quickswap carry, or focus on maximizing damage from his Elemental Burst to be a strong nuker.

The nuker role, in particular, can be further improved by choosing the right weapon, as certain weapons can significantly increase his Elemental Burst's damage. Fortunately, fans don't need to worry about 5-star weapons, as these two options are 4-stars that can be easily acquired from the game's gacha system. Given below are the builds for both these weapons:


The Stringless is a powerful choice for players focused on maxing out the damage that Childe deals with his Burst without having to adjust his build too much. With the Stringless, he can build his usual artifacts while focusing on maximizing Elemental Burst damage and Hydro damage.

Fans will want to equip the Heart of Depth set and the Noblesse Oblige set to maximize his damage boosts, while focusing on Hydro damage, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate. When it comes to teammates, characters like Bennett and Kaedehara Kazuha are some of the best, along with a reliable Pyro applicator like Xiangling.

Mouun's Moon

Mouun's Moon is an underrated bow that Genshin Impact players may not be using since it's only ever available on the game's unique 5-star weapon banners. For fans that do have this bow, they will definitely want to give it a try as it can improve the damage of his Elemental Burst by up to 40%. Players will need to focus on building teams with high Energy if they want to use this bow, as the weapon's damage bonus scales off of the entire party's Energy capacity.

The Mouun's Moon is best paired with characters like Xiangling or Xingqiu that require large amounts of Energy for their Elemental Bursts but works great with Childe as well, providing hefty bonuses to his Burst's damage. In terms of artifacts, he can essentially use the same pieces as with the Stringless, as they are the best choices to boost his Elemental Burst damage. Fans will certainly want to use this bow for a Burst-focused Childe build if they have high refinements, as it scales incredibly well with refinements.

Genshin Impact players who want to build Childe for his Elemental Burst will definitely want to take advantage of these two bows.

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