Best Type 25 loadout in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

Players can use the Type 25 as a mid-range powerhouse with the proper loadout (Image via Activision)
Players can use the Type 25 as a mid-range powerhouse with the proper loadout (Image via Activision)

Players have gotten some great changes and weapon rebalancing in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3. Some of these changes were made to shake up the meta and change how some weapons feel to make lesser-used have a higher pick rate.

Type 25 is a solid feeling assault rifle that received no changes this season but is still a monster in the right hands. Here is how players can kit it out.

Best Type 25 loadout for players to use in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3


Type 25 is a bullpup-style assault rifle capable of bringing pain to anyone on the wrong side of it.

In Call of Duty Mobile Season 3, it isn't necessarily the best weapon in the meta, but it is still a strong contender capable of putting in some solid work. With the right loadout, players will be able to dominate the field and ensure they always come out on top in a fight.

The best loadout for the Type 25 in Call of Duty Mobile

One of the biggest things in creating a solid loadout for the Type 25, as with any other gun, is finding a balance that weighs in the pros and cons of the weapon. This AR has some recoil that can be problematic for players who cannot control it.

However, the TTK of this weapon can make up for the recoil if a player can learn to handle the weapon and land their shots. The recommended loadout is as follows:

  • Ammunition: Stopping Power Reload
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical
  • Stock: RTC Ready Stock

The best perks to run with the Type 25 in Call of Duty Mobile


Players will find that this bullpup AR will be best when they are within medium range and controlling the recoil of the weapon. Therefore, players will want to have a perk loadout that maximizes their ability to locate and stay on target to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The perks players will want to grab for this will be:

  • High Alert: This will allow players to spot other players aiming at them and make target acquisition easier for them.
  • Toughness: Reducing flinch is essential, especially in a firefight, as it can make all of the difference in landing those critical shots when it counts.
  • Lightweight: Moving to cover and moving between locations is important, and increased sprint speed can help players get in and out of dangerous situations quickly.

Playstyle with the Type 25 Loadout in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

Players who run the Type 25 will want to stay at medium-range to ensure they emerge victorious. Running this loadout will allow players to outrange submachine guns and come out ahead as long as they land their shots.

However, it will fall victim to players with longer-ranged weaponry. Players can use cover and mobility to close the gap and take out foes who may have the range advantage.

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