How Bloober Team's direction might take the rumored Silent Hill 2 remake to the next level

Bloober Team's direction will make Silent Hill 2 much more distinctive and terrifying (Image via YouTube/ Shirrako)
Bloober Team's direction will make Silent Hill 2 much more distinctive and terrifying (Image via YouTube/ Shirrako)

Silent Hill 2 is widely recognized as one of the finest psychological horror games of all time. Based on the Blair Witch franchise, Silent Hill is a terrifying game in its own right, and Bloober Team's direction may make the game even more distinctive and frightening.

When it comes to horror games, Bloober Teams has broken all barriers and revolutionized the genre. The studio has created cinematic masterpieces such as Blair Witch and Layers of Fear, and now there is speculation that they may direct the anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake.

Many horror game creators, like Bloober Team, have been influenced by the Silent Hill franchise. Over the years, multiple developers have produced respectable replicas of Silent Hill's themes and aesthetics.

Here’s why Bloober Team will take the Silent Hill 2 remake to the next level


Layers of Fear, with its confined, P.T.-like hallways and ghostly-faced opponents, much in the manner of Silent Hills' Lisa, was released shortly after the title's discontinuation in 2015. Likewise, the Medium involves players solving riddles and navigating between human and spiritual worlds.

Bloober's work is frequently generic. However, it's also aesthetically excellent, atmospheric, and is perfect for anyone searching for a great mid-brow horror adventure.

Observer and Layers of Fear, the company's first two games, stayed safe inside their own genre norms of cyberpunk and haunted home horror, creating predictable yet visually beautiful psychological experiences.

On the other hand, Blair Witch and The Medium did a good job of creating tragic situation storylines in interesting, frightening environments. In Blair Witch, players play Ellis, a PTSD-stricken former officer and soldier who leads a hunt for a missing kid in the Maryland woods.


The execution of an innocent girl during a failed military campaign, which leads to the death of Ellis' whole team, is the source of his sickness, we discover later.

This tragic occurrence leads to another death when Ellis, while on duty as a cop, shoots an unarmed youngster. Bloober demonstrates his ability to portray his trauma on a visual and auditory level simultaneously.

Most importantly, Bloober's games are do not contain the Silent Hill series' most problematic aspect - fighting. Outsourced Silent Hill games in recent years have been tarnished by an overabundance of action and quick-time events. Bloober is a master of low- and no-combat games.

Taking that approach to a remake of Silent Hill 2 might be one of the most anticipated and drastic changes from the original game.


Silent Hill 2 is a successor to the cult horror genre that has captivated fans for years. The addition of the horrific creature Pyramid Head, who made his public debut in the 2001 game and went on to become a series symbol, is undoubtedly the most recognized part of the game.

19 years later, Silent Hill 2 is still appreciated by horror enthusiasts.

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