5 things fans want returning in the new Silent Hill (& 5 that were best left in the past)

Despite being put on hold for so many years, it looks like the series will be resurrected (Image via - SH 2, IMDb and SH 3)
Despite being put on hold for so many years, it looks like the series will be resurrected (Image via - SH 2, IMDb and SH 3)

Silent Hill, one of the most well-known horror franchises in video games, is set to return. The psychological horror components of the Silent Hill games are well-known.

The franchise has grabbed not just horror lovers' but also non-horror fans' interest over the years. Silent Hill, which debuted on PlayStation 1, is recognized for its incredibly powerful psychological terror and stunning aesthetics.

Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3 are the series' finest examples. After the original crew left, the franchise failed to evolve, and some of the games after Silent Hill 4 were critically panned. Despite being put on hold for so many years, the series will be resurrected with not one but many games.

As per some reports, Konami appears to be targeting a range of different sorts of gamers across various titles rather than attempting to create a single game that can satisfy everyone. However, the rumored Silent Hill game's mechanics and story remain a mystery.

Silent Hill people have waited for so long, and some players have given up hope after the cancellation of P.T. Leaked photos of the suspected Silent Hill games, on the other hand, have heightened the stakes in the gaming community.

Five things fans want returning in the new Silent Hill

1) Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro as a team


Hideo Kojima's SH game is among the most well-known game cancellations. It was presented under the premise of a mysterious horror game by an anonymous creator, but the truth was exposed when fans completed its numerous complex challenges.

Fans assumed that SH was coming back after a dream team of Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus were reported to be collaborating on a soft remake called Silent Hills. Unfortunately, this coincided with Kojima's dismissal from Konami, and the project, as well as the famous P.T. demo that introduced it, was abandoned.

Many people are interested in Hideo Kojima's reported horror game since he collaborated with famous filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to create genuinely horrific stuff.

It was tremendously frightening, thanks to a strange time loop, an unsettling radio announcer, rain pouring down on the house's windows, and an unshakeable sense of being followed.

People are naturally curious to see how Hideo Kojima's interpretation would have turned out after helping to change the pace of the previous seven years of horror games.

2) The pyramid head


Although the series is less focused on fighting and powerful offensive movements but contains terrifying enemies, there are many strange inventions. However, few produce the same level of absolute horror as Pyramid Head.

The Pyramid Head first appeared in SH 2 as one of James Sunderland's ominous hallucinations, and its strange appearance is what makes it so terrifying.

The public has no idea who Pyramid Head is or what it's attempting to accomplish, which leads to the nightmarish psychology of the experience.

3) Horrible bosses


Apart from the gloomy locations, menacing subplots, and bizarre graphics, most enjoyment comes from defeating the game's most terrifying primary bosses, which frequently need diverse gameplay methods to beat. There are humans, monsters, dangerous powers, and terrifying hybrids abounding.

Apart from the massive amounts of damage they can do and endure, what makes the SH bosses so tough to kill varies depending on the nature of the enemy, their surroundings, and how well prepared a player is going into the fight.

4) Silent Hill 2 remake


Numerous sources have described a couple of different initiatives. Bloober Team, a rising horror-adventure firm first suggested by journalist Jeff Grubb and gaming news site Video Game Chronicle, is supposedly working on a SH 2 remake.

The remake of SH 2 will have revised puzzles, new AI, new animations, and even new endings.

In any case, this report is consistent with Bloober Team's previous ties to Konami. Bloober Team confirmed a relationship with Konami around the launch of their most previous game, The Medium.

This happened after the company's CEO stated that the company was focusing on an established horror IP from a well-known publisher.

5) Multiplayer option


The Silent Hill franchise is pretty much absent, which is unfortunate because its most recent installment, P.T., was an incredible gem that reinvented the horror genre in several aspects.

A multiplayer game in which players join up to either search or run from the numerous horrors that lurk inside these games while completing puzzles would be the ideal way to bring the series back to life. It's a basic yet brilliant concept that would benefit from the Silent Hill moniker.

Five things that were best left in the previous Silent Hill games

1) Hallucinations


James Sunderland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, is afflicted by dysfunctional survival mechanisms and their repercussions. Silent Hill's town isn't genuinely overrun by monsters. Only James can view this waking nightmare or dreamy hallucination.

The monsters are projected by James from the unconscious desires of various elements of his own psyche. James Sunderland is a widower who has recently lost his wife, Mary. According to James, she died three years ago following a long-term fatal disease.

2) Psychological horror elements


Silent Hill 2 is a masterpiece in psychological horror done well, deftly integrating metaphor and emotions in a way that conveys its point without being overbearing.

Silent Hill 2 is frequently regarded as one of the finest video games of all time, and with good reason. It's a gloomy horror game for those who dare to enter Silent Hill and never forget the experience.

Although it was released over 20 years ago, SH 2 remains one of the finest horror experiences in gaming.

This is mostly owing to the game's excellent narrative since the quest to figure out what happened to Mary is still as compelling today as it was when it was first released. The representation of James' mind is still one of gaming's greatest cinematography successes.

3) Mirror phobia


Mirrors are fertile ground for fear. SH 3 reveals that its heroine, Heather Mason, has a mirror fear, which has a lot to do with the notion of an unreliable or twisted projection.

Heather walks into a room furnished with a large mirror at Brookhaven Hospital, one of the most spectacular moments in the whole game.

Heather is trapped in the room she enters while the other side of the mirror becomes increasingly bloody. If Heather doesn't get out of the mirror in time, the terrifying picture worsens and even bleeds through to Heather's side.

4) Abstract Daddy


Themes and subtext abound in SH 2, leading to some terrifying aberrations. Angela comes upon the Abstract Daddy, a monster that resembles a tangle of people and a bed.

The series regularly incorporates psychological symbolism in its creatures and people, but the revelation in Abstract Daddy is heartbreaking.

Whether known as Abstract Daddy or by its other name, this monster is a horrific depiction of how pain spirals out of control and appears in unpredictable ways.

5) Scarlet boss fight


Scarlet, SH Homecoming's boss, is nearly tough to beat on the first try. When meeting her in devil descendance, one of the creepiest horror game scenarios, she typically has minimal health and just an axe. On the other hand, Scarlet stands out due to her exceptional health and strong physique.

Damage to Scarlet's lips increases her biting radius, making her powerful with each glancing strike to her skull. Scarlet possesses superior agility to go with her devastating weaponry, with razor claws and jaws and the power to jump from the heights.

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