Breaking down the feud between JiDion and Pokimane: Hate-raids, Twitch ban, Ninja involvement and apology

Pokimane and JiDion have been feuding for a few days, but why? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane and JiDion have been feuding for a few days, but why? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pokimane and JiDeon have been in the news cycle recently, but why? Let's go through the sequence of events that have led us to where we are now and see why this drama has been so important.

Over the course of just a few days, an entire drama has started and nearly concluded revolving around the streamers Pokimane and JiDion. This all started with Poki's first stream back from a DMCA-related ban, where JiDion, on his own stream, shared his general distaste for the streamer. He then prompted his chat to spam Poki's chat with "L+Ratio", essentially meaning that she's a loser.

confirmed 48 hour suspension!see you guys monday morning for a 12 hour comeback stream 😎

However, the spam quickly turned more hateful as JiDion's audience started harassing members of Poki's chat, prompting her to end her stream as she didn't want the bullying to continue any longer. This initial spam spiraled out of control into a much bigger issue, and Twitch took notice.

Twitch permabans JiDion, adding more fuel to the raging hate storm against Pokimane

Once members of the Twitch staff noticed the issue, they banned JiDion for 14 days at first, then prolonging it to a permanent ban from the website. This sent his fans into a frenzy, blaming Poki for having a hand in the extended ban.

Ban went from 14 days to a perma😔 please use the #twitchfreejidion for me boys❤️

Pokimane then went on stream to try and clarify that she had no hand in the ban, saying that she is being targeted for no other reason besides being a woman. Content creators took to Twitter to show their support for Poki, backing up her claims of misogynism.

In this household we respect strong, successful women. The amount of harassment they have to go through online for just simply existing is crazy.
Calling out misogynistic behavior makes you sexy btw. I don't make the rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Can’t believe has to be said but it’s not okay to direct your audience to send hate or negativity to another streamer 🤦🏻‍♀️

JiDion apologizes for his actions towards Pokimane

YouTuber Ludwig had a discussion with JiDion where he clarified why people are calling him a misogynist on the internet, which enlightened JiDion to the way he's being perceived. With this newly acquired perspective on the situation, JiDion took to his second YouTube channel to make an apology video directed at Pokimane.

Here's the link to JiDion's "Dear Pokie" video:


Along with this, he tweeted his apology, saying that it's over, and his fans should stop harassing her:

"Throughout this whole situation I did a lot of corny sh*t, and I’m way funnier then the level I brought myself down to. Pokie I apologize and boys I’m dropping it so I’m asking you guys to as well. Will be streaming next week on YouTube and love you guys"

Poki responded to the apology on Twitter where she stated that she was glad he said sorry and would drop the entire drama as best she could.

With an apology from JiDion and a firm statement for his fans to stop, the war between fanbases seems to be finally reaching its conclusion, leaving the only drama involving Poki the allegations of defamation against streamer Ninja.

Ninja threatens lawsuit against Pokimane over defamation

When JiDion was banned, Ninja on stream said that he would try and help out the streamer and get his ban lessened, although whether he meant it or not is still up for debate. Pokimane found this to be a distasteful thing to do and showed clips of him doing so on her stream.

During the stream, Ninja's wife messaged her saying that they would sue her for defamation of character if she didn't stop. Ninja's wife, Jessica, claims that Ninja never attempted to support JiDion when he was banned, even though much proof of Ninja on stream says otherwise.

Pokimane also stated today that she doubts Ninja will make a statement on the subject, claiming that doing so would alienate his fanbase and cause him to lose his viewers that he shares with JiDion. Poki said:

"Let me tell you exactly why Ninja will no longer talk about this. One: He can't refute anything I said because I've only said things that are factual and that I have proof of. Two: Ninja probably noticed, 'Oh my god! (JiDion's) viewers are the same people that watch me play Fortnite. I can't upset them, I can't stand up against misogyny, that could kill my brand!'"

Poki then accuses him of not being able to do the bare minimum when it comes to supporting women on the platform:

"He's afraid of the repercussions for standing up against hate raiding and misogyny, that's the baseline bro! The bar is on the ground and you can't step over it!"
Pokimane calls out Ninja saying he will never address this situation cause he is scared of the repercussions of standing up to hate raiding and misogyny and it possibly killing his brandDear lordy

With this developing story awaiting the next piece of information to be revealed, all that we can do is put a bookmark in this long tale of Pokimane vs. Jidion and Ninja. At the very least, JiDion owned up to his mistakes, and took full responsibility for his actions after realizing that he wasn't doing the right thing.

But will his fans keep posting hateful comments, even if they are encouraged not to do so anymore, or will they listen to their favorite creator and leave Poki alone? The next few days will certainly be telling for what happens next with Poki and Ninja.

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