Bungie opens up about the Legendary Difficulty of Destiny 2 The Witch Queen campaign 

A first official look at Legendary Difficulty (Image via Bungie)
A first official look at Legendary Difficulty (Image via Bungie)

Another week brought in another TWAB, and Bungie decided to dive into the topic of Destiny 2 void 3.0 and the Legendary Difficulty. While the community has been asking for more challenges within the contents of expansion, the company decided to tweak the modifiers of the primary campaign and make it something more interesting.

But making things more challenging doesn't usually work, as players always stay hungry for loot. Bungie's Community Manager recently wrote a few things to clarify certain aspects regarding the upcoming difficulty. The blog post sheds some light on the nature of enemies, completion loot, and high power gear.


Legendary Destiny 2 The Witch Queen campaign will be harder than Legend Nightfall

To start things off, players will be able to play the Legend Difficulty right after launching the new expansion. The power requirement for this will be 1360, similar to that of the regular campaign. However, the challenge starts with additional modifiers.

Upon completion, the Destiny 2 campaign will reward players with double chests, each encounter further offering one to three chests at the very end. This will grant players a chance to get loot from World Drop Pool, extra EXP, Glimmer, and a hefty amount of Upgrade Modules.

Each run will additionally grant exclusive Throne World armor and unlock each piece rapidly. With this, Bungie allows players to boost their power level right off the bat. High-risk missions will drop high-level rewards to help everyone hit the power cap within the initial week.

Bungie has stored up a rare emblem for players who will complete the entire Witch Queen campaign at Legendary Difficulty in terms of unique rewards. A new triumph will be added to the seal bound for the upcoming Throne World like Splintered.

Completing the story will grant players a total of eight Upgrade Modules alongside exotic armor that will be reserved for rotating Lost Sectors. Bungie also said that the overall difficulty of the Legendary mode wouldn't be as brutal as soloing a dungeon but will be more challenging than a Legend Nightfall.

Last but not least, players won't be able to over-cap this activity. Like contest modifiers in raids and Destiny 2 Grandmasters, players will be capped to a specific power level.