"Bungie can't win": Destiny 2 players believe that Season of the Haunted rewards aren't good enough

Destiny 2 players aren't pleased with the new armor sets (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 players aren't pleased with the new armor sets (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted has started and is well under its way. As with every season in the game, there are different events and rewards to be earned.

Some users seem to be disappointed with what's available. This has confused another section of the player base, who seem to think that those who're complaining will never be happy. This was posted by a Reddit user who claimed that some players are unhappy even when Bungie listens to them.

Destiny 2 has evolved into one of the best live-service games, and Bungie has helped it grow massively. Seasons are many things that allow players to get new rewards and keep the gameplay dynamic. However, not every reward suits every type of fan, and there are always the occasional complaints. The opinion of many players points to the hits and misses of the rewards this season.

Destiny 2 players react to available rewards in Season of the Haunted

The original post was made by u/Iiyambon, who posted about Bungie's predicament. The user feels that the developers have listened to the fans' demands regarding rewards. Yet, fans are still complaining about them, which has led to the player concluding that Bungie can never win in this regard.

Other players also joined the discussion about what they think of the current rewards. One user feels that the provided armor set is quite neat, but it doesn't fit in with the season's theme or the dungeons.

Another fan also feels the armors should look darker and more like the leviathan set to match the season's setting.

Some feel that the Destiny 2 community will never be happy irrespective of what rewards are provided.

Some are just happy with smaller details like the Titans in the game finally being able to look over both shoulders.

Some believe that the issue is with the community itself as they are always divided. One player added that some players are active and vocal about it whenever something is added or implemented, while others are against it.

One player wants a hunter armor that will have a symmetrical shape.

Some are fans of the current seasonal pass of Destiny 2 and believe that the grind will be worth it. The main thing players like on the pass are the cosmetic items that can be unlocked gradually.

Warlock players are quite irritated as they feel there's nothing new to it. One such player feels that the new armor is quite generic and that Bungie should have done a better job.

Another Destiny 2 player believes that the majority of the fan base doesn't like the changes in the design philosophy. They think this has been the case since the first game was released.

One player wants to brand new armor from Bungie if they will no longer receive new classes.

It's quite clear that most of the complaints have to do with the design of the new sets. While it's unlikely that Bungie will change the existing ones, better designs in the future will surely make the Destiny 2 players happier.

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